10 Great Places you can Live without Money! For People of Color who are Sick of America! (304,058 Views)



Free Your Mind is all about teaching people of color that there are many amazing ways to live! We focus on locating safe and loving places that adore people of African decent. So, you want to give back while living for free? How about learning to grow organic food and trading it for free? Maybe you want several homes globally while inspiring others? 

Are you ready to walk away from our current system that will continue to exploit you? Learn about 10 Amazing Places you can move to tomorrow, and find: great people, free or low-cost housing, free food, free education & free healthcare! People of color are under the false impression that America is the only places to live. It’s time to move away from police occupied communities.

Register with our global community for people of color (Everyone on the planet are people of color and a descendent of Africa!) Register for free below & post a real picture so you can make friends and we will send you how you can jump off this myopic oppressive system and create a new, safe, empowering, happy and blissful reality… some place else!  You will love US! (After you join the group, 10 Places to Live for FREE!) You must have a real picture on your profile to enter the group.

Register for Free, NOW!


Author: BrainMan (Verified Member)
Category: amazing, Amazing People, free housing project
Date: March 16, 2016

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  1. this is a great thing how can I be apart of it i would love my own home

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