A Review on Why We Hate Kroger’s (Stop Shopping at Kroger’s!)


Kroger’s Voted the Worst Supermarket!

GSC reviews and warns the global community about major companies. The Kroger company operates about 3,650 stores, including nearly 2,470 supermarkets and multi-department stores, under two dozen banners, in about 30 states. It also runs some 780 convenience stores under names such as Quik Stop and Kwik Shop. Kroger’s Fred Meyer Stores subsidiary operates more than 120 supercenters, which offer groceries, general merchandise, and jewelry, in the western US.

Why we hate Krogers? 1. Kroger’s makes billions of dollars and does  wage theft of their amazing workers. They underpay and doesn’t pay benefits by hiring mostly part time workers. Shame on Krogers.

2.Krogers has terrible customer service, GSC rates them a ‘F’ grade. A business without great customer service is a bad business. They over charge for old food and over work their workers.  They don’t promote women or minorities and they take advantage of senior with price gauging. I would avoid this Krogers.

Stop shopping at Kroger’s!

Instead, of Krogers, GSC suggest shopping at your local Farmer Markets and get huge discounts, healthier locally grown foods, get to know the farmers and pay them a living wage directly.  At Kroger’s, 95% of all food is toxic with GMOs. Go Locale. Get Off Sugar. Get Off Processed Food.





Author: BrainMan (Verified Member)
Category: education
Date: October 12, 2017

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