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Are you tired of global corruption? Are you tired of working to live? Are you tired of being oppressed economically? Do you want to change the world while living your passion?


Inside our training?

  • Start working within 24-48 hours from home! All you need is $20 to start this tax free service.
  • All you need is a computer & internet connection.
  • Receive our 800 pages of comprehensive training.  Our step-by-step guide will help you find free and cheap housing and food for 47 million people in America and millions more globally.
  • Help homeless families find free housing.
  • Help people find housing without credit or a deposit.
  • Help people find free housing globally.
  • Live for Free while doing what you Love!
  • Transition your current home into an almost Free Home.
  • This Directory will show you how to help others in finding Free Homes while Making $100,000 Annually. Now, that’s Cool.
  • Get off the damn Grid and Teach People to Create & Locate Free: Housing, 1TechCheckFood, Education, Jobs, Health care, etc… it’s possible.
  • 5 Simple Steps to Changing the World.
  • How to Profit from 30 Million Empty Homes.
  • Ending Global Homelessness.
  • Amazing Places to Live.
  • The Safest Countries in the World.
  • How to Stop Paying Property Taxes.
  • Find Properties for free to $200 monthly.
  • How to Live without the Military.
  • Live GMO & Fracking Free.
  • Move to the Healthiest Places in the World for FREE!
  • The Best & Safest Places to Live for People of Color.
  • Live like a King for under $500.
  • Locate and Live in a Raw Foods Paradise.
  • How to Help the Poorest People in the World to Live & Eat for Free.
  • How to Transition off the Grid in One Week or Less.
  • Step by Step Guide to Starting a Property Locator Service and Make Over 100,000 Cash Annually! Start in 24 hours. No additional money needed to start this tax-free service.
  • Never Be Poor AGAIN! Secrets for People Who Live Off the GRID!


Why over 218,000 people love this e-Book Training?

Once you receive our 800 plus page training guide–you’ll learn how toHappy business people laughing against white background locate free and discounted housing within 24 hours! Also, locate free and discounted place to live locally or globally. Do you love to travel? Travel the world while helping people find cool places to live.


Learn how to change the world! (Access free: housing, food, education, job skills & training, healthcare and everything else.) Drop kick your job & college and work for yourself! Why? 25% of billionaires don’t have degrees… they simply worked for themselves. Business owners make 5 times more than employees.


This eBook will help you give back to the community & make a good cash income. You can locate free homes for the homeless, vets, single families and seniors.


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Date: July 21, 2015

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