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cannabisCannabis will change the future of healing. Cannabis Holistic Wellness is a holistic practice. It is not aimed at self-indulgence or pleasure as an end in itself.

Cannabis will create millions of jobs. You can make thousands of products from hemp / cannabis which are sustainable. Cannabis would eliminate expensive and deadly medications.


Do you know 85% of all diseases can be healed naturally? I don’t advocate expensive health insurance, profit based pharmaceuticals that maintain illness and doesn’t address the real issue.It’s been proven that diabetes, most cancers and heart disease can be cured in a matter of months… without medication, surgery and harmful chemo. Our healthcare industry is based on making stockholders huge profits from insurance companies; not based on the best interest of the people.



Our Holistic Wellness Training is wildly popularhas been downloaded tens of thousands of times–by people who don’t believe in traditional pharmaceutical based wellness. Intuitive Holistic Healing is the future… why not solve a medical issue with a 95 cents box of baking powder than $200 medication that is made from baking powder?


Get started today! Make $12,000 plus Cash Monthly. Start booking clients tomorrow and create a daily cash income! This wildly popular online training will radically change your life, immediately! This program isn’t certified. You don’t need to be certified to recommend proven health tips. There are thousands of healers worldwide who aren’t certified. There are Chinese healers, amazing holistic healers worldwide who can cure cancer and most illnesses naturally. After you take our training, start making excellent cash income, you can get certified if you want to.


I took this Holistic Wellness Training 7 years ago and within one week my life changed! I love the healing arts and my income went from $300 to $1500 plus weekly, immediately. The best part is I teach Holistic Wellness Nationwide while living off the grid. My service is cash oriented and my clients are amazing. Megan Brooks


Who are we?

Over the last 15 years, our materials have trained thousands of  Wellness Students worldwide! Our program is perfect for massage therapist, healthcare workers, and people who simply love healing others.


No Experience Necessary–just a great work ethic, a deep love to empower people, computer with the internet, good communication skills and excellent customer service. Learning Holistic Wellness will inspire you to become self-sustainable, financially healthy and embrace a holistic lifestyle.


What do I receive for your training? (Holistic Program #1)

– Receive our Holistic Wellness Training for Beginners and Advanced Training.

– Receive 680 pages of comprehensive study materials. Also, receive a dozen videos.

– We teach you how to conduct a Wellness Session for clients.

– Learn how to set up your business, immediately.

– Learn how to create cash oriented services. Get paid daily.

– Create your own hours. See two people daily and make $600 cash daily.

– Study our Advanced training (Included) and make $1000 plus cash daily.


What you will learn with our Advanced Holistic Tantra Wellness Training:

1.  We provide tools that will assist you in Holistic Tantra Wellness. For example, how to heal diabetes naturally. All natural modalities are natural and non-toxic and available over the counter, like fruits and veggies. Learn the Cannabis Business and provide Cannabis legally and free of expensive licenses.

2.  You will work on your clients physically, emotionally and spiritually.

3. Teach authentic relationships.

4. Eliminate stress and fear and how to create a dynamic life!

5. Learn how to guarantee a great clientele and grow a healthy service.

6. Shift your state of consciousness… allowing them to live an abundant, effortless and joyful life.

7. Heal your clients sexually.

8. Eliminate Fear.

9. Look 15 to 20 years younger with a holistic lifestyle.

10. Teach fasting & detoxification.

11. Teach Self Healing techniques.

12. Help women become comfortable with their bodies & self-worth.

13. Help men eliminate ED, PE and other health issues. (You will suggest proven natural techniques)

14. Release your client’s emotional blocks forever with NLP!

15. Teach your clients how to eliminate pain/chronic pain naturally. treatment

16. Conduct lymphatic techniques.

17. Conduct face & head techniques.

18. Conduct basic Ayurveda techniques.

19. Conduct Asian Thai massage.

20. Conduct basic Reiki techniques.

21. Conduct healing Tantra Massage on your clients.

22. Teach your clients how to live a life of bliss.

23. Work with individuals, couples and or groups.


Is this legal?

Yes, I will teach you how to run a very successful and legal business.

When can I start & where can I work?

You can start working in 24 hours and get paid daily.

Where is the training? 3016649-poster-p-the-beginners-guide-to-the-power-of-meditation-and-how-it-affects-our-brains

We send you all the materials to your computer. You will study on-line and work with clients in person. We provide e-Books and e-Videos.

How much money can I make?

Your income is based on your level of expertise, professionalism, personality and personal well-being. If you smoke, over weight and unprofessional… You may not attract as many clients. (A few years back I went to see a Holistic Healer and she looked so unhealthy and her office was cluttered. I simply turned around and walked out the door.)

If you have good communication skills, fun, and professional, have a nice work space, healthy, and love what you do–you will make an excellent income. You can make $600 to $3000 weekly. If you work part-time you’ll make about $1000 weekly and full-time $3000 cash.

If you live in a good size city or near a large city you will make $1000 to $3500 weekly. If you see 10 clients weekly you will make $2000 plus in cash. This means you work 20 hours weekly.Make your own hours.

Where can I see clients?

You can see your clients at their homes, condos, boats, planes, apartments, assisted living or nursing home. You can also create a great space in your home and invite screened clients to your house. (Most therapists work from home or secure a studio.) You can also travel worldwide and pre book clients.

Take this training only if…

You’re positive, have a healthy self-worth, open-minded, embrace holistic wellness, physically healthy, believe in self-healing, open to abundance, and expect the best in life and desire empowering others! This training is for you! Our training is perfect for healers, holistic healers, naturalist, raw foods or vegans. Everyone has the ability to create the life they desire. Most people don’t live the life they want because of personal fears.

Don’t take this training if… cannabis

If you don’t believe in your personal power–your clients will not be attracted to you. If you’re only motivated by money–our training will not work for you. If you’re negatively oriented, unethical, embrace feelings of shame about the human body, negative about sex and fearful of life and your power–this training isn’t for you. If you’re dogmatic about religion, judgmental, critical, unkind, unhappy, have a poverty mindset–this training isn’t for you. You need to be healthy to help others.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get off the grid. 

Buy now for $250


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Date: October 7, 2014

18 Responses
  1. I think I wrote a testimonial on the wrong page? So, here it is again…

    I order from Free Your Mind all the time… and I always send cash. I bought this ebook and it blew my head off. It is over 900 pages of serious information and I also received a cool wellness video library. OK, fast forward, it took me about two weeks and this step by step guide has changed my life.

    I believe Cannabis heals and now I heal people and make an amazing tax free cash income. I legally don’t pay taxes… the books teaches you how to do it legally. Next is to learn how to get off the grid while I’m healing the world. Thank you Love for changing my life!

  2. Great training… thanks.

  3. Great training… it worked for me!

  4. We are a loving couple and we started teaching Holistic Wellness a few weeks ago–we have found our life path! Thanks you for making this journey amazing!

  5. I’m a personal trainer and this training exploded my business. Thanks

  6. I really enjoyed the Holistic Training materials. I’m building a good service and I’ll never look for a job again. Next, I’m going to build a free house with this site. I recommend the training!

  7. My wife and I teach hot yoga and decided to correlate Tantra Yoga. I’m in shock, our business has tripled in less than one month. The best part is we attract the best people. Ordinary person aren’t into Tantra, so, you attract really interesting people.

    I highly recommend this training.

  8. I’m a struggling student. I mean struggling. I bought this two months ago. Yes, my income went from nothing to $600 weekly in cash. I only have time to see two clients weekly. The money has saved my life, literally.

    I strongly recommend getting both Tantra Yoga for Beginners and the advanced Tantra for a thorough training and the videos are off the hook. This summer I’ll see about 10 clients weekly and make $3000 or so. Not bad for an accounting student. Lots of information to study.

  9. Yahoo! This is great! I’m very happy. I’ve been so so broke… not anymore. The materials are simple and off the hook! Thanks

  10. OK. My girlfriend bought your ebook and videos. We both looked at the videos and we were both hooked.

    Fast forward two weeks… we turned our modest home into a loving health retreat where we work with couples. We attract about 4 couples weekly… my income went from $400 weekly to $1600 weekly!!! Plus, couples love working with us.

    We are also going to teach people how to fast properly. This is the best purchase I’ve made since spending $48,000 on my useless college degree.

    Thanks, Zak & Lilly | Chicago

  11. Excellent training! Worth every penny. I start worked in 2 days and I made $800 in cash my first week. I still have my full time job. I’m going to save $5000 then quit my job.

    Great training! Thanks, Oka

  12. To be honest… way to much materials. Only get this training if you’re serious. You get 950 page ebook and 30 videos. Lot’s of information.

    I know you can make a great income–but, I’m way to lazy. Just being honest. I spoke to a few people who bought this training and they loved it! I’m just to lazy.

  13. This training blew me out of the water! Worth every damn penny. I went from being unemployed to making $2000 weekly!!!

    Now, I want to travel worldwide and teach people how to love! This training shows you how to travel worldwide for free while helping people.

    I give this training 5 stars! Thank you, Taja

  14. Damn! Worth every penny!

  15. This training is heavy as heck! You guys rock!

  16. The best investment I’ve ever made. You receive a great deal of materials–so, get ready to study.


  17. Fantastic Training! I work with mostly seniors and my income went from $35,000 to $91,000 the first year! The best investment I’ve ever made! Linda

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