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Free Home in Ghana West Africa To All Those Living In Diaspora …..Are You Interested In Sustainable Community This Maybe Your Answer Contact Prince Fari On Facebook He's Offering Community Living, Bartering, Helping To Build. Each Other Homes & Buisness , Resturants, Community Center For Job Training ,By Either Donations /Building Supplies, If You Are A Buisness Owner And Wish To Donate Building Supplies Or Know Someone Please Share, This Information With Them All Homes Are Being Built & Offered For Free For However Long As You Want To Live There, Volunteers Are Welcome Skilled & Unskilled Are Welcome The Community Will Be Based On Family Likeminded Individuals, The Only Thing He's Asking Is To Give Back To The Community By Hiring Locals Once Buisness Are Established, Funds Or Donations Are Needed To Get This Project Started If You Are Self Employed Or Have Ideals That Can Generate Income Etc Contact Him, He Can Assist You He Can Only Accommodate A Few If You Are A Handyman Contact Him, The Home Needs A Little Work To Accommodate Those Whom Will Be Staying To Assist, Ghana Has Dual Citizenship

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I want to move back to east Africa

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Yahoo! This group is all about helping each other build sustainable housing with edible food. Connect with each other and work together! It only cost $3500 to build a container house. You can also find repurposed materials and request free materials. Now, get busy and exchange numbers.

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Meet like-minded friends and work on a project together. Build a sustainable house, grow food, etc. Need help… go to for details.

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