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We are all people of color on planet earth. Our amazing earth home is over 4.5 billion years old.  First evidence of man was discovered 3.2 million years ago in Africa. Africa was Alkebulan: Arabic for ” The Land Of The Blacks”… the Romans changed the name to Africa. All of humanity comes from a black woman 280,000 years ago… this means we are one race. We are all African. Now, we can move forward, be kind to each other and live in peace. We are all People of Color! We are all Beautiful and of value. (Dr. Richard Dawkins)



FYM Global Sharing Community will show you how to transition away from money while sharing abundance with each other.  We will no longer be separated by man made dogmas. Since we are the same… racism and class-ism ends once you become a loving, kind and generous member of the Global Sharing Community!


Step inside:

– Locate Free Housing Worldwide.

– Learn how to live without money, immediately.

– Share Free Organic Food everywhere.ImmigrtionGarcia

– Create Free Home Schools & Churches.

– Learn how to create Free Positive Childcare worldwide.

– Participate in our Fee Housing Network.

– Cool Tax Free Jobs.

– Locate Free Holistic Health care.

– Meet Like minded Global Community Members!

– Live Free of oppression.


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Date: January 1, 2015

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  1. Did you know…





    Watch “Ancient Africa’s Golden Times” on YouTube


    Watch “Phil Valentine – Religious Madness(Classic)” on YouTube


    Watch “Phil Valentine- Black People Have Extraterrestrial DNA” on YouTube


    Watch “Dr. Phil Valentine – The Metaphysics Of D.N.A.” on YouTube



    We have to let go of religion and overstand/interstand true knowledge. We are more than Gentiles and more than Hebrew Islrealites. We are the original human but before we became physical beings we were spiritual beings. Religion is a form of slavery used to control us.

    Our purpose is the transcend to the 5th demention/ planet Sirius (Heaven) by increasing our vibrations. Otherwise we will continue to be reincarnated and be trapped on this planet (Hell). We are the Gods that created/geneticly engineered other humonids. Asians, Whites, etc.

    Only black African people have the human DNA!

    And God(s) said Let us make man (mankind) in our image. Our Ancient ancestor are the Gods that created mankind!

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