Hiring Formidable Digital Media Sales Pros (Create $100,000 to $500,000 Annually)

Digital media sales position

Commissions: $100,000 to $220,000 (People who work on commission make 5 times more than people who work on salaried jobs.)

The digital media sales market is a multi billion dollar industry and continues to grow. We are seeking fearless professionals who are use to creating a six-figure income. We are seeking people who aren’t driven by money, but, who are motivated in changing the world. Global Sharing Community invest 90% of our money into a new sustainable global community. We can build 10 sustainable homes with organic edible gardens for $100,000.

Our global healing communities are based on a sharing concept and has almost a zero carbon footprint. Our global sharing communities will eliminate racism, classism, capitalism and economic terrorism which oppresses most people.

We want people who are humanitarians at heart and create abundance for the good of our global family. For example, you create $250,000 annual income, what or who would you help?  The Global Sharing Community is invested in providing free housing for all, free shared organic food, free online education for all human beings, free and gifted holistic health care for all and so much more. This is our only motivation for attracting money. We are similar to Paul Newsman’s company, Newmans’ Own, 100% of their profits go to good causes.

If you’re a formidable sales person and you don’t mind phone calls, sending emails, posting on social media and the like… we are perfect for you. “We’re seeing a lot of new business channels, so you need the ability to sell in new platforms [such as] text messaging or scanning your mobile.


You will be responsible for identifying markets, creative promotional materials and implementing your own campaigns. Your manager will provide some support, but, you will have solid experience in creating sales channels. We recommend using Fiverr and other platforms. You will need to research how to become excellent in sales and social media sells. Thank goodness for YouTube. If you’re not research oriented, this job may not be for you,

We sell digital books and videos, which is a trillion dollar industry. You will be selling our Holistic Wellness Training packages. You will providing holistic jobs to the unemployed and employed. As a Holistic Wellness practitioner you can make six-figures and work globally. Thus far, we have trained over 186,000 practitioners in 196 countries. 


As a Digital Media Sales Professional, you make your own hours, work from home or in the field, create a sales calendar and marketing plan. Set your goals and get creative and busy. Must have excellent communication skills, superior work ethic, great customer service skills and want to change the world.You can help us build free sustainable housing for the disabled, seniors, vets, single moms, grow or get the word out about our free global food map, help us with our free online education for all… no one should pay to get educated, it’s a human right. Or, help us with our network of free and donation based health care services. Together, we can make the world an amazing, safe and loving place to live.

Next Step:

You will be selling our Holistic Wellness Digital Media. Please review our materials at http://HolisticWellnessTraining.org. You will provide people with a job and free housing. If hired, Love will provide you with a telephone overview. Please send Love a one sheet marketing calendar. Once, reviewed she will call you and get your started. Send a 30 day Marketing plan to love.globalfreehousing@gmail.com.


Every time someone signs up for our Holistic Wellness Training, you will be immediately notified through our Affiliate form and you will be paid three days after. After you’re hired, please apply for a 360 Capital One Checking Account. If you make your sales goals, you will be paid the same day.

If you have any questions, feel free and call Love @ 502-233-0150.




Author: BrainMan (Verified Member)
Category: education
Date: October 30, 2017

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