What Health Food Stores Don’t Want You to Know! (Do It Yourself!)

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Date: April 12, 2017

How Trump and our Government Have No Power! By Abraham Hicks!

Our Global Sharing Community has no wars, no poverty, no disease, no unkindness, no social, environmental and animal terrorism. Join our community after you watch the video. Join


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Free Housing will Stop our Gov from Killing, Kidnapping & Enslaving Black People!

People of color must move to safe & abundant spaces, globally! Find Free Housing (Enter).

Enjoy the video.


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President-Elect Trump: Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 7 Million Views.

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Protected: Get Hired 95% of the Time!

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How Trump, Supreme Court & the Purge Stole the Election Reports Republican Insider.


The Art of the Stolen Election!

I work for the Republican party and I have to tell the American public the truth.

What do you get when you purge the voter polls in key electoral college states, closes 868 polling stations & change the narrative? You get a brilliantly executed stolen election, brought to you by the play book of the first falsely elected President George W. Bush. This technique is called, theft by deception, the only way the Republicans can win.

This is an extraordinary situation in the making of a president.

Donald Trump is the most unfit human being on planet earth to be president. Our current president has said Trump is unfit, as have many Republicans.  Trump has a remarkable record of bigotry, misogyny and sexual abuse, dishonesty, predatory, theft by deception of his workers, business practices, misuse of charitable entities, and apparent pronounced narcissism. He has advocated for torture, bombing civilians, and other reckless acts that no conscientious military officer could carry out. Polls during the campaign showed that the vast majority of the public believe Trump is unfit and lacks the appropriate temperament to be president. Lest we forget, Trump has zero political and military experience? The average adult can’t get a job at Burger King without prior experience. (Huffington post)

How the Republicans have stolen, yet, another election? It’s called the Purge. Girls and boys, late one night while you were sleeping safe and sound in your butterfly and batman cover beds, the Supreme Court was Gutting the Voters Rights Act. This means when you grow up, you will be taxed without representation.

2016-09-07-1473269743-7354968-supremecourtOn Saturday, the U.S. Supreme Court restored a Republican-supported law in Arizona banning political campaigners from collecting absentee ballots filled out by voters. In New Jersey, a federal judge decided against the Democratic National Committee in a complaint it brought against the Republican National Committee, ruling that the RNC’s poll monitoring and ballot security activities did not violate a legal settlement. But in a ruling hailed by voting rights advocates, a federal judge late Friday ordered county elections boards in North Carolina to immediately restore registrations wrongfully purged from voter rolls. All of this comes as this year’s presidential election is the first in half a century to take place without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act. In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down crucial components in Section 5 of the act in a case called Shelby County v. Holder, when it ruled that states with histories of voting-related racial discrimination no longer had to “pre-clear” changes to their voting laws with the federal government. For more, we’re joined by Ari Berman, author of the recent article, “There Are 868 Fewer Places to Vote in 2016 Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act.” (DemocracyNow)

The Republicans can’t win an election on the issues, so, they resort to purging millions of people of color off the roles and closing almost 1000 polling locations in Democratic areas. They also created outdated laws requiring IDs, many seniors can’t get driver’s license.


In the Art of the Deal, Trumps first book, he describes his brilliance in setting up a shell company that didn’t have any contracts. He rented cranes and equipment to give the illusion he had many investors, so, he could attract unsuspecting investors with his lie. Well, girls and boys, he did the same thing with this election.

How Trump, the Supreme Court & the Purge Stole the 2016 Election?

  1. The media picks the most unlikely candidate that most people hate, Trump. The media only focuses on the most unlikely candidate, giving Trump billions of dollars of free media coverage. 2. Create mass distraction with hate, war & economic rape. The oldest game on the planet. Check!
  2. Blackout most media outlets that are aware of the purge, Supreme Court & poll closings. Fire independent journalist who can report the truth. Check!
  3. Purge millions from key states. Check.
  4. Redistrict most of the polls in poor areas and don’t tell the residents where they are. Check!
  5. Simply, close 868 voting polls in Democrat areas and don’t notify the residents. Check!
  6. Blame it on Hillary. Create a false narrative that she is unfit, dishonest and a criminal. Check!

Guess what? It worked, the American people fell for wage the tail. Wage the Tale is a popular movie where politicians and the media manipulate and lie to the public. For example, the World Trade Center, everyone know that America was behind blowing up all three buildings.

Hillary Clinton won the election! Period! The people voted and wanted Hillary and she won the peoples vote. But, the Republicans did the ‘Florida Purge’, and I ain’t talking about a dance or movie.  

Solution. Simply follow Bernie as if he won. Ignore Trump. Stop paying taxes, stop working, remove all your money from the banks and stop shopping until the rightful winner takes her/his place. The truth, Bernie would had won, but, his votes were purged by the Democrats. Karma is a Bitch!




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Date: November 3, 2016

Build a Simple Earthship with Tires. Quick! (Over 759,000 Views)

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16 Smart Ways to Make Money in the Next 24 Hours if you Have Bad Credit & Broke!


You’ve probably heard the warnings against payday loans and other get-cash-fast, short-term lenders.

Interest rates amount to more than 300%. Loans are almost impossible to repay for many people who need them most.

One former lender even said the industry made him feel like a “modern-day gangster.”

But what can you do? You need money now.

I understand. I’ve been strapped for cash, with horrific credit, the tap of my parents already run dry, and my next freelance payment barely visible on the horizon.

The desperation is real. But I’ve never taken out a payday loan.

A stop at your nearby — oh-so-conveniently-located — Check ‘n Go should always be a last resort. Like a last-last, way after you’ve tried everything you can think of, after asking everyone else in the world, so far down the list you barely even consider it an option… resort.

Because you can do better.

Avoid the outlandish fees and impossible interest that just put you further in the hole, and try to earn the cash on your own. We’ve pulled together 15 things you can try before you consider a payday loan — real ways you can put cash in your pocket today.

You may have to use a few of these strategies to amass the money you need, but a bit of effort might save you a lot of money if it means avoiding that payday loan.

1. Sell Your Clothes

payday loans

Heather Comparetto

When I was capital-B Broke in college, I could always pull a couple things from my closet to sell at a local consignment shop. I’d walk away with about $20, enough to stock up on groceries for the week.

I’ve never had a packed closet by any means, so you can probably do even better than I did.

Gather your gently used clothes and head to a nearby Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange or local shop. Well-known brand names usually fetch more money, if you’re willing to part with them.

2. Take Care of Pets

payday loans


Want to make extra money hanging out with cats and dogs? Pet-sitting could be a great side gig.

If you just want to earn some fast cash today, offer to watch, groom, walk or feed pets for friends or family. You could be offering relief they were afraid to ask for!

You could earn around $40 taking a dog for a walk or stopping by just to keep them company, more if you pitch in for a visit to the vet or help with shopping.

Need more? Offer to watch pets overnight while friends, family or colleagues take a trip out of town.

3. Do a Few Odd Jobs for Family or Friends

payday loans

George Doyle / Getty Images

Your family or friends want to help out, right? So find something you can do for them in the next hour, for a fair wage.

For example, offer to rake the yard or clean their windows for $20.

4. Pick Up a Craigslist Gig

payday loans

Don’t forget about short-term gigs on Craigslist! If no one you know needs a hand today, take a look at the Gigs section of your local Craigslist.

Someone might need help with housekeeping, yard work, creative gigs or other odd jobs. Pay will vary, but you take whatever work you want and negotiate for a fee that suits you.

5. Offer to Babysit


Heather Comparetto / The Penny Hoarder

If your friends aren’t pett parents, maybe they’re actually parents of little people?

Offer to babysit for the day or while they go out for the evening, and you could earn $50-$100.

Keep your eyes and ears open at work, at social gatherings and on social media. If someone mentions a search for a babysitter or just that they could use a nice night out with their spouse, jump in and offer the relief they’re looking for!

6. Sell Your Gold and Silver

payday loans

Celiaaa / Getty Images

Do you have silver or gold coins and jewelry that you don’t mind parting with? You can sell them for quick cash.

Our resident expert, writer Steve Gillman, warns against going with the buyers you see advertising on TV. They’ll probably send you an envelope to mail in your precious metals, and you’ll wait a few days for an offer and even longer to get paid.

Instead, look for a local coin shop and storefront silver and gold buyers. They tend to pay better prices and you’ll get the money today.

Of course, make sure your items aren’t more valuable as-is before selling them to be melted for their metals. Stop by a local jeweler for an appraisal, or maybe even a sale!

7. Flip a Freebie

payday loans

Will Rennick / Getty Images

If you’re not afraid of dumpster diving or curb-shopping, you could nab some items for a quick sale with no overhead.

If your neighbors’ trash doesn’t yield anything valuable, try browsing Craigslist freebies for items you can pick up and resell today.

Keep an eye out for things that are nearby and that flip easily — items you could sell at a pawn shop or on consignment, probably, instead of waiting for a private buyer.

8. Offer a Weird Service to Friends for Donations

payday loans / Getty Images

My boyfriend once made $600 in six hours from a hotel room by posting an offer on Facebook to draw pictures for PayPal donations. Think of it like busking, but for the internet.

Instead of launching a crowdfunding campaign or simply soliciting donations, what can you offer in return to brighten someone’s day and thank them for their generosity?

Maybe you can record a song, paint a picture, offer a quick edit or proofread of something they’ve written, review resumes, create a design, write a joke, make a silly video or complete a dare.

Get creative — the more fun you make it, the more friends will want to participate!

9. Sell Scrap Metal

payday loans

Ryan McVay / Getty Images

If you don’t have gold or silver to part with, maybe you have old wire, aluminum soda cans or construction scraps taking up space in your garage?

If you’re going to throw it away anyway, why not take it to a recycling center and make a little money off of it?

Copper and aluminum are the most valuable metals — though, none will net you a ton in one trip. You might net $5-$15, but when you’re strapped for cash, that little bit can make a big difference!

You could also do friends and family a favor by offering to clear out their scrap metal. Turn it in for them, and split the profits.

10. Sell Gift Cards

payday loans

Heather Comparetto / The Penny Hoarder

We’ve talked plenty about selling unused gift cards online, but that won’t pay up right away. If you want to turn your gift cards into cash now, you’ll have to venture into the real world.

Ask friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or (if it’s allowed) store patrons if they’re interested in buying your gift card at a discount. They may be happy to buy, say, a $25 gift card for just $20. And you’ll have $20 more in cash!

11. Make a Bar Bet

payday loans

Rayes / Getty Images

Yes, this can be legal, and it can be fair. But you might annoy or upset fellow bar patrons, so make sure you know your audience well before parading out these amusing tricks.

Make your way through these six foolproof bar bets — and maybe a few different locations — and you could impress your friends and leave with a pocket full of cash.

12. Collect Outstanding Debts… at a Discount

payday loans


This tip, of course, requires that you’ve loaned money to someone and are awaiting repayment.

If that’s the case, and you’re desperate for cash, you might be able to collect on the debt quickly by offering a discount. For example, if someone borrowed $100, offer to call it even if they can repay $75 now.

You’ll be doing each other a favor, and if they can afford the discounted deal, the borrower will be happy to have the debt cleared.

13. Try Busking

payday loans


Didn’t love the idea of offering odd services online? Try the real thing — street performing!

Get out your guitar, juggling balls, paints and canvas, saxophone or dusty Halloween costume, and try busking for the day.

Find a spot in your city with decent foot traffic and not too many competing performers, and you could quickly amass a nice pile of cash. If you don’t mind being the center of attention, this can be a fun way to make extra money when you need it.

14. Borrow From Friends or Family Members

payday loans


If you’ve made it through the list and still need money now, think about who you can borrow money from before you resort to an expensive payday loan.

Always be upfront with friends and family, repay your loans on time and ask for money sparingly. No one wants to feel like a mooch, but the people who love you tend to want to help you when you need it, so don’t discount the option.

You can even offer to pay interest on the loan, and the rate will be far better than a payday loan business.

Whatever you agree on, make sure you put it in writing, so everyone is on the same page, and they know you’re serious about repayment.

15. Ask for a Paycheck Advance at Work

payday loans

Finally, if you’ve exhausted all other options, tricks, tips and talents, try to get an advance on your paycheck from your employer before you agree to pay outrageous interest to a payday loan place.

Ask to borrow the money you need against small payments out of future paychecks. This reduces or eliminates your interest. And, when the lender is the same person who cuts your checks, they know they’re guaranteed repayment!

This strategy requires a degree of trust within your company. And, to be honest, it may be a long shot. But to save you from a cycle of building debt, it’s definitely worth trying.


Your Turn: What tricks have you tried to make money quickly when you’re in a bind?

16. Extra (Start an Unconventional Service!)

Learn a quick skill and start making money, ASAP! Check it out!

By Dana Sitar & Omari Kwatee

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Become vegan and move away from the American system. Enter

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Date: September 26, 2016

Build a Earthship and Have a Place to Go when the World Ends!

Help Us Build Free Sustainable Houses w/ Organic Edible Gardens. Enter

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Date: September 23, 2016

Build a Cool Underground Home with Volunteers! (Signup Below)


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Date: September 21, 2016

Build Free Housing & Organic Edible Gardens! (Volunteers Who Build & Give Away Free Houses!)


Free Housing Project has one simple intention, create sustainable housing with an organic food garden and give them away!

Shelter, organic food, education and health care are all human rights and must be free/affordable to all.  

1offthegridFree Housing Project organizes kind volunteers and completes cool housing projects, globally. Most of our materials are recycled and gifted.  We also crowd-source funds needed for the land. We can build a cool Container home for $2500 to $5000 for a family of four.

cool1212We Gift & sell discounted property to vets, single mom’s, the handicap, seniors, and families who want to create a healthy planet by becoming self-sustainable.

This means growing free organic food, harvest clean water, install solar electricity, and transition to electric cars. Most importantly, moving away from harmful capitalism.

Free Housing Project also provides free online education, sustainable job skills, holistic healthcare and communities that are safe and not occupied by economic racism and oppressive dangerous police.

 Join our Loving Sharing Global Community Movement and Change the World. Simply walk away from our current system can create a new loving and safe space.  We will match you with a local community.













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20 Million American Jobs Goes to Free Prison Labor! (Modern Day Slavery is a Trillion Dollar Industry)

lead_960Over 2.5 million American jobs are lost to inmates, annually. By, 2040, 20 million American jobs will transfer to free prison labor. Many readers have asked how a corporation can be identified as participating in the use of inmate labor. Actually, there are three “categories” of those involved in prison labor and prison industry operations:

  1. corporations, businesses, and companies that use direct inmate labor for manufacturing and service jobs,
  1. corporations, businesses, and companies that contract with other companies to purchase products or services made by inmate labor (such as McDonalds), and,
  1. individuals, corporations, organizations and investment companies that support the use of prison labor or enable prison industry operations by contributing financial support to those directly involved in using inmates for labor or invest in or support private prison corporations.

To demonstrate how difficult involvement in prison industries and the use of inmate labor is to identify, we’ll begin with an investment firm involved in many of our 401(k) and retirement accounts.

Fidelity Investments (Fidelity). This “financial investment” corporation is involved in holding the retirement and 401(k) accounts of millions of Americans. Many of the largest companies in our country offer Fidelity Investments as the sole source of retirement investing for their employees.

Fidelity was previously identified as a funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in an earlir Insourcing blog. ALEC is deeply invested in supporting Corrections Corporation of American (CCA) and Geo Group (Geo) – that are both corporate members of ALEC. ALEC has willingly accepted responsibility for enactment of laws authorizing and increasing the use of inmates in manufacturing of products as well as the housing of those inmates by private corporations such as CCA and Geo.

Unfortunately, if your retirement savings, 401(K) or other investments are held by Fidelity, chances are some of your money is invested by Fidelity in either the use of prison labor or in other operations related to the prison industrial complex (PIC).

I purposely mentioned McDonald’s in the intro because though they are not “directly” using inmate labor in their food service operations, they are dependent upon the use of inmate labor to reduce costs associated with those operations. The way they do this is by contracting to purchase their uniforms and some of the plastic utensils provided to customers from a company using inmate labor to make those uniforms and utensils. The uniforms are made by Oregon Inmates. Wendy’s has also been identified as relying upon prison labor to reduce their cost of operations – and they fund ALEC.

Two other U.S. companies relying upon prison labor for products sold in their stores are K-Mart and J.C. Penny. Both sell Jeans made by inmates in Tennessee prisons. The same prison in Tennessee provides labor for Eddie Bauer’s wooden rocking horses. There are other products we would not associate with prison made products: dentures, partials, eye glasses, processed foods such as beef, chicken, and pork patties sold to and served in our schools, grocery stores and hospitals. I don’t know about you but putting dentures made in prison in my mouth just somehow causes me concern…just as buying a box of breaded chicken patties and fixing them for my family does.


What about services such as Insurance? Banking? Utilities – gas, oil, electricity? Prescription drugs? Are all of these services or commodities tied to prison labor and the PIC? Unfortunately, yes. Many insurance companies are tied to ALEC…as are corporations involving utilities provided to you in your city or town. To name jut a few brand names you’ll recognize that are invested in prison labor or PIC through ALEC are:

BANKS: American General Financial Group, American Express Company, Bank of America, Community Financial Services Corporation, Credit Card Coalition, Credit Union National Association, Inc., Fidelity Inestments, Harris Trust & Savings Bank, Household International, LaSalle National Bank, J.P. Morgan & Company, Non-Bank Funds Transmitters Group

ENERGY PRODUCERS/OIL: American Petroleum Institute, Amoco Corporation, ARCO, BP America, Inc., Caltex Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation, Mobil Oil Corporation, Phillips Petroleum Company.

ENERGY PRODUCERS/UTILITIES: American Electric Power Association, American Gas Association, Center for Energy and Economic Development, Commonwealth Edison Company, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Edison Electric Institute, Independent Power Producers of New York, Koch Industries, Inc., Mid-American Energy Company, Natural Gas Supply Association, PG&E Corporation/PG&E National Energy Group, U.S. Generating Company.

INSURANCE: Alliance of American Insurers, Allstate Insurance Company, American Council of Life Insurance, American Insurance Association, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Corporation, Coalition for Asbestos Justice, (This organization was formed in October 2000 to explore new judicial approaches to asbestos litigation.” Its members include ACE-USA, Chubb & Son, CNA service mark companies, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., Kemper Insurance Companies, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, and St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Counsel to the coalition is Victor E. Schwartz of the law firm of Crowell & Moring in Washington, D.C., a longtime ALEC ally.)
Fortis Health, GEICO, Golden Rule Insurance Company, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance, MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company, National Association of Independent Insurers, Nationwide Insurance/National Financial, State Farm Insurance Companies, Wausau Insurance Companies, Zurich Insurance.

PHARMACEUTICALS: Abbott Laboratories, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bayer Corporation, Eli Lilly & Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Glaxo Wellcome, Inc., Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc., Merck & Company, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of
America (PhRMA), Pharmacia Corporation, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc., Schering-Plough Corporation, Smith, Kline & French, WYETH, a division of American Home Products Corporation.

MANUFACTURING:American Plastics Council, Archer Daniels Midland Corporation, AutoZone, Inc. (aftermarket automotive parts), Cargill, Inc., Caterpillar, Inc., Chlorine Chemistry Council, Deere & Company, Fruit of the Loom, Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inland Steel Industries, Inc., International Game Technology, International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, Keystone Automotive Industries, Motorola, Inc., Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee Corporation.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: AT&T, Ameritech, BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., GTE Corporation, MCI, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, SBC Communications, Inc., Sprint, UST Public Affairs, Inc., Verizon Communications, Inc.

TRANSPORTATION: Air Transport Association of America, American Trucking Association, The Boeing Company, United Airlines, United Parcel Service (UPS).

OTHER U.S. COMPANIES: Amway Corporation, Cabot Sedgewick, Cendant Corporation, Corrections Corporation of America, Dresser Industries, Federated Department Stores, International Gold Corporation, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Microsoft Corporation, Newmont Mining Corporation, Quaker Oats, Sears, Roebuck & Company, Service Corporation International, Taxpayers Network, Inc., Turner Construction, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

ORGANIZATIONS/ASSOCIATIONS: Adolph Coors Foundation, Ameritech Foundation, Bell & Howell Foundation, Carthage Foundation, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, ELW Foundation, Grocery Manufacturers of America, Heartland Institute of Chicago, The Heritage Foundation, Iowans for Tax Relief, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee, National Pork Producers Association, National Rifle Association, Olin Foundation, Roe Foundation, Scaiffe Foundation, Shell Oil Company Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, Steel Recycling Institute, Tax Education Support Organization, Texas Educational Foundation, UPS Foundation.


As the foregoing illustrates, many U.S. companies and corporations not only fund ALEC’s activities regarding prison labor and PIC, they have foundations that also contribute handsomely to ALEC. Many are represented upon ALEC”s Private Enterprise Board.

Commodities, services and various products sold to U.S. consumers provide profits to these companies/corporations that are used to further the goals of ALEC. They sell us our vehicles, Chrysler, Ford, GM…sell us the fuel to power those vehicles, insurance to cover our cars and trucks. Some of our homes are mortgaged through banks and mortgage companies affiliated with ALEC. Our homes are insured by carriers supporting the use of inmate labor. Our phones are provided by those who are also involved and our medications also fund these same ALEC activities. Even the fast food places we depend upon are part of the overall PIC operation – McDonalds and Wendy’s.

Reservations we make for American Airlines and the likes of AVIS rent-a-car are taken by inmates. More and more call centers are coming on line every day manned by inmates in both state and federal prison operations. Each position taken by an inmate, used to belong to private sector workers who are now unemployed.

Another industry I’ve briefly touched upon needs to be discussed here. That is the agriculture industry. One side effect of immigration laws being enacted in the Western states is the reduction of migrant workers in those states that have passed tougher immigration policies. Not one to miss such an opportunity, prison industries are vying to fill the voids created by these laws.

Colorado has been one of those states hardest hit because of new laws similar to that of SB 1070. In an effort of providing labor to the farmers in that state, the legislature has partnered with the state DOC to implement a new program allowing for the use of inmates on private farms.

To meet the needs of the capitalist farmers, the state legislature has partnered with the Colorado Department of Corrections to launch a pilot program this month that will contract with more than a dozen large farms to provide prisoners who will work in the fields. More than 100 prisoners will go to farms near Pueblo, Colo., to start the program in the coming weeks.

Prisoners will earn a miserable 60 cents a day. The prisoners will be watched by prison guards, who will be paid handsomely by the farmers. The practice is a modern form of slavery.

The corporate farm owners and capitalist politicians are defending the program. They claim that business needs to be “protected” for the sake of capitalist production in the agricultural sector.

There were many indicators that this was on the horizon over three years ago, when articlesbegan to appear about several states switching from migrant farm workers to inmates:

As states increasingly crack down on hiring undocumented workers, western farmers are looking at inmates to harvest their fields. Colorado started sending female inmates to harvest onions, corn, and melons this summer. Iowa is considering a similar program. In Arizona, inmates have been working for private agriculture businesses for almost 20 years. But with legislation signed this summer that would fine employers for knowingly hiring undocumented workers, more farmers are turning to the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) for help.

maxresdefaultIt isn’t surprising that agricultural and farming needs would be pointed in this direction by state legislators…where ALEC’s efforts of eliminating “illegal” aliens from agribusiness work coincided with their SB 1070 and earlier state legislative efforts. They realized the impact the laws would have upon immigrant workers and that a labor force would be necessary to take the place of immigrants picked up or scared off by laws like SB 1070. CCA, Geo and state prison industry operators were informed of the expected future labor needs of U.S. farmers and began to gear up in 2007 when ALEC successfully proposed and was able to enact one of the first restrictive immigration laws in Colorado. I believe ALEC projected the impact on farming, predicted the labor need and advised prison industries to be prepared to put inmates out in agriculture work on short notice. As soon as the Colorado law went into effect, prison industries had inmates picked, vetted and with the proper custody level ready to step into the shoes of the missing migrant workers.

All in all a very effective business plan put into place by ALEC and their members – eliminate an entire industry workforce and replace it with a workforce supplied by their members at a wage scale of less than $1.00 per hour. At the same time salaries of the prison staff guarding the workers are paid for by the farmers. Talk about a win-win-win business plan.

Prison labor had been used in Arizona for more than two decades prior to SB 1070. However, the enactment of that law made the need for inmate labor to treble – along with profits from that labor.

Other occupations are being impacted by privatization of prison related healthcare. Many doctors are now choosing to work in prison rather than private practice. Obviously, this switch lowers the number of doctors available in the private sector. One reason for this change in direction by physicians is retirement benefits and free malpractice insurance offered by prison healthcare corporations, such as PHS.

If more information is needed to clarify the financial impact of continuing incarceration upon us as a society take a brief look at Washington State’s latest efforts to address the state deficit. The below cuts are necessary to reduce the budget by $600 million. A substantial need for such reductions was created because of the state’s continued reliance upon incarcerating more and more citizens, reducing private sector jobs through the use of prison labor by large WA. corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft.

Among the cuts approved by legislators: nearly $50 million from the Department of Corrections, including the closure of a prison facility; $50 million from K-12 education, including funding intended to keep class sizes small; $51 million from higher education, including at several of the state’s flagship universities; nearly $30 million from a state-subsidized health insurance program for the poor; and the elimination of non-emergency dental care for poor adults.

What a trade off, huh? More cuts to education and social programs that benefit the poor while they pay out millions to prison industries and private prison operators – and give tax breaks to Boeing and Microsoft. Washington citizens are getting the shaft – especially their students and the poorest among them.

While Washington state is making terrible cuts to the budget, elsewhere prison workers and their supporters are successfully keeping unnecessary prisons open to keep prison staffers from losing their employment. An action that keeps taxpayers funding their salaries – needlessly.

ETOWAH COUNTY, Alabama — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have agreed Thursday to delay removal of more than 300 inmates from Etowah County’s  detention center until at least the spring, the Gadsden Times reports.

ICE officials had notified the county Saturday that they would be removing the inmates from the Etowah County jail, which is the only facility in Alabama with a contract to house ICE inmates.

On Thursday, after intercession by the county’s congressional delegation, ICE agreed to keep inmates at the facility and use Etowah County’s prisoner transportation services until March 31, 2011, according to the Gadsden Times, which cites a news release from Sheriff Todd Entrekin.

The decision stops what would have been a substantial economic loss for the jail and could have resulted in the loss of some 49 jobs.”

prisonstrike_oaklandmarch_attica  While this fight to keep jobs and inmates in AL. is fought, another fight results in the loss of a successful privately operated reentry program for ex-offenders in Virginia. The state has decided to “re-vamp” its reentry efforts and closed this and 12 other successful programs. Even in instances where volunteers and organizers step-up to address recidivism, the state steps-in and thwarts their efforts. It’s almost like there are efforts going on at the state levels to keep incarceration and recidivism rates up.

Our country is being turned into a nation of prisoners and those who pay for their incarceration costs – period. Everything else is being cut to keep the PIC in place and profitable. Medicare and Social Security are next in line in the next U.S. Congress. Don’t you find it odd that of all the rhetoric about our failing economy, the cuts to social and community programs, unemployment and unemployment compensation arguments – none of our lawmakers are openly voicing calls for any reduction in imprisonment? I mean there have been hundreds of articles identifying incarceration costs as being responsible for necessary cuts in funding for education and other necessary programs…but no one wants to go on the record as supporting a stop to mass incarcerations? How is it that our elected officials continue to cut more and more out of annual budgets to pay for incarceration and make no effort of reducing the need for that incarceration? I believe it is because they’re paid handsomely to avoid any effort of reforming laws or reducing incarceration. It is simply too profitable to allow us to stop sending men, women and our children to jail and prisons.

This is exemplified by a recent article on Louisiana’s practice of housing state prisoners in local Parish jails:

Legislators wonder why the budget for the Department of Corrections is so large,” said one state employee who is familiar with the department. “As long as they keep trying to criminalize everything they find personally offensive in the name of law and order for the benefit of the folks back home, the budget is going to keep growing.

”Each legislative session, dozens of bills are introduced by Louisiana lawmakers to either create new criminal statutes or to increase penalties for existing laws. Only rarely does a bill attempt to reduce penalties for crimes. In the 2010 regular session alone, for example, 68 of 93 bills addressing criminal procedure and crime, called for jail time for new crimes or longer sentences for existing laws. Those included crimes ranging from “unlawfully wearing clothing which exposes undergarments or certain body parts” to cyberbullying, and terrorist acts.

“Local sheriffs relish the opportunity to house state prison inmates because it infuses needed cash into the local coffers. One state official said the actual cost to sheriffs to house the state prisoners is only a fraction of the $24.39 daily income per prisoner. “It’s a big bonus for the sheriffs,” he said.

Right now prisoners in Georgia are striking due to being used as slave labor by that state’s prison industries. Such strikes are unheard of and one reason is the huge amount of “get-back” available to the prison staff and their willingness to use physical means to force compliance. My heart goes out to these men, as I’ve been there and know how dire their circumstances must be to cause such a dangerous mission from behind bars. Many are trying to provide assistance to them through phone and email communications with prison authorities, but so far the prisons involved (6) remain on indefinite lockdowns with reports of retaliation at each facility being reported via cell phone calls from the inmates. There has been limited media coverage of this historical strike (and no mainstream media attention) – again, it is not in their best interests to publicize this action to the public, for fear of creating a discussion on the merits of using inmate labor in a “slavery like” manner – though from reports, thousands of inmates are participating in the strike. These men represent those who are now performing the work previously performed by Georgia private sector worker’s, and doing it for pennies on the dollar.


As shown by the above information, every facet of our lives are now touched in some way by prison privatization, prison healthcare, feeding of prisoners or by working prisoners in the PIC. This puts their products in our homes, on our grocer shelves, in our produce consumption and reduces available private sector jobs – including positions for physicians. Sadly we must realize that all of this is financed with our tax dollars that are quickly converted to “profits” once received into the coffers of corporations participating in the PIC.

Many comments have been made to my Insourcing Series saying we should identify those involved and boycott their products and services. As this segment demonstrates, it is nearly impossible to identify each corporation, group, organization or individuals involved in PIC and prison industries. Their products are so vast and diverse, each of our homes now have one or more of those products in use. Even picking up the phone and calling for technical assistance with products, making a reservation or inquiring about services may put us in touch with an inmate on the other end of the phone. The Prison Industrial Complex is simply too vast to avoid or boycott – in a manner typically used by consumers and concerned citizens.

Boycotting is usually an activity used to refuse our business to those involved in practices we object to. In this case it is just too difficult to accurately identify prison industry participants.

I’m working on developing a program now that may allow all of us to identify those companies, businesses and corporations not involved in any way with prison labor or the PIC. We can eliminate the profits realized by corporations using inmate labor, by reducing sales of their products. Just as those participating in the PIC transfer our tax dollars into profits, we can transfer their anticipated future profits back to the private sector worker through participation in this program. The only thing these corporations understand is “profit”. Money drives them and is what gets their attention. So let’s get their attention by denying them sales – not boycotting.

I intend to set up a website allowing those not connected with the PIC, not investing in or funding prison industries and not selling any products made by inmates or inmate provided services to be named. The site is intended to list corporations, retailers, providers and businesses certified as not involved in PIC operations. Links to these certified non-participating company websites and online catalogs, local outlets and products lines will be made available. In, addition those industries, corporations, investors, banks, finance companies and others identified as profiting from PIC or prison industries in any form will be identified and “blacklisted”. In this way, one comprehensive site can be used to identify those products, services, and companies to avoid while providing links to U.S. retailers and companies not involved, that provide the same products or services without the use of prisoners.

In order to participate, these companies must “Certify” in writing that they use no inmate labor, do not invest in or sell products made in prison. Secondly, they will be required to use the “Made in U.S.A.” labels with products and services provided by American workers and offer those products to U.S. consumers.

Prison made goods include those made in China and elsewhere that are finding their way to our retail shelves more and more of late. There are strict prohibitions against allowing imported products into the U.S. when those products were made by prison, slave or child labor. These strict provisions are being circumvented in some instances and deliberately ignored by our Custom Service in others. Companies, businesses, retailers and manufacturers wishing to be listed within the proposed site, must certify non-use of those foreign prison-made goods as well.

The site is intended to allow consumers to identify those not involved in prison labor related products and offer shoppers a discount direct from participating U.S. manufacturers, retailers and service providers for purchasing their products or services made by U.S. workers in our private sector markets. This will help increase jobs and deny continued profits to those using inmate labor.

This effort will be time-consuming and expensive to develop and put into operation. Sponsors and volunteers will be needed to assist in this endeavor. This is going to need the expertise of a website developer, software programmers, advertising and accounting assistance. We are going to need people to submit to us the names of businesses they own, work for or invest in that are not associated or affiliated with prison labor or products. Money is going to be needed to advertise the site and make consumers aware that such a site exists to provide them with alternatives to prison made products. If successful this will put money into the pockets of those manufacturers and retailers who refuse to become involved in prison made goods for profit. It will provide those businesses with income to hire more workers due to increased production and sales.

Any volunteers…suggestions…advice…assistance? If you believe this is a good idea to help us take back our jobs, eliminate the vast profits made off of cheap prison labor and promote “real” products made by free American workers, write and let me know. If you want to participate or assist in this development, I’m listening…

Get off the grid and never go to jail! (Enter)


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Hiring Global Housing Directors (Make $38,000 to $70,000 Annually)

people_resizedJob Description

Global Housing Directors spread the word about our Free Housing Opportunities.  You will locate people who need free housing and how owners and businesses that need free live-ins.

Over 47 million Americans are homeless or almost homeless. We have over 60 million free places to live. Over 20 million abandoned homes. 5 million empty offices. 40 million live in jobs. We also teach people how to build sustainable housing for under $5,000 and get off the grid.

Are you ready to walk away from our corrupt capitalist milieu? It’s time to create a new amazingly abundant global community where housing, organic food, authentic education, holistic health care are all free, bartered or gifted for free!


Compensation ($38,000 to $42,000) Paid weekly.

You are paid 40% of each person who signs up. You will receive notification each time someone in your area signs up and pays their annual fee.  Sign up 50 people weekly and you make  $400, 100 people = $800. Your goal is 100 weekly and or 20 people daily.


What does the job entail?

The perfect candidate will love listening to great music while recommending our free housing service to large social network across different social mediums (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Indi blogs, Backpage, Craigslist, etc.) If you love to write and respond to interesting topics on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Independent Blogs, you’ll love working with the Global Sharing Community.

You can work anywhere in the world, all you need is the ability to post on social media, classifieds, contact homeless shelters, colleges and contact people directly. You will promote our concept of living for free worldwide… walking away from our current unhealthy communities. We show people how to build sustainable houses with edible organic gardens, globally. We will end homelessness and poverty consciousness. (As long as you have a skill, you’re never broke or poor.)


We should have work balance lifestyles. That means everyone should work no more than 4 to 6 hours daily, and receive a great living wage. Life shouldn’t be about working all the time and stressing over money. Make your own hours… If you want more income, then work more hours. Our community wants you to be happy. If you expect to do well and you have a fun life… you will attract abundance.  We recommend you watch this video below to get centered. Whatever you focus on will increase.


Must be Professional, have great positive communication skills, good writing skills, kind, a great work ethic. We expect a daily marketing report. Tell us how many people you contacted, from where and response ratio. Your report is due by 7 pm daily. If you miss two reports you will be automatically terminated. (Unless you have an emergency that can be verified.) You will only receive money up to the day you quit or fired. No compensation will be paid for future clients. 

If you want to learn about Viral Marketing do the following.

Get a free education on Watch videos on online marketing, SEO, creating viral content, creating viral videos, how to create dynamic classified ads, Social Media marketing, how to locate viral content for blogging, how to get thousands of facebook likes daily, and how to drive traffic to your website. Once your master SEO blogging, you can go to any big company and command a healthy six-figure income. You will never be poor, Again!

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The Truth Behind the Zika Virus! (The $1.8 Billion Dollar CDC Lie.)

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3 Simple Steps to Finding Free Housing & Free Food in California. (Learn to live without money.)

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Date: April 13, 2016

10 Great Places you can Live without Money! For People of Color who are Sick of America! (304,058 Views)



Free Your Mind is all about teaching people of color that there are many amazing ways to live! We focus on locating safe and loving places that adore people of African decent. So, you want to give back while living for free? How about learning to grow organic food and trading it for free? Maybe you want several homes globally while inspiring others? 

Are you ready to walk away from our current system that will continue to exploit you? Learn about 10 Amazing Places you can move to tomorrow, and find: great people, free or low-cost housing, free food, free education & free healthcare! People of color are under the false impression that America is the only places to live. It’s time to move away from police occupied communities.

Register with our global community for people of color (Everyone on the planet are people of color and a descendent of Africa!) Register for free below & post a real picture so you can make friends and we will send you how you can jump off this myopic oppressive system and create a new, safe, empowering, happy and blissful reality… some place else!  You will love US! (After you join the group, 10 Places to Live for FREE!) You must have a real picture on your profile to enter the group.

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Commercial FREE: TV, First run Movies, HBO & SHO! (Never pay for TV & Movies, AGAIN!) 869,000 Downloads!

OD-MoviesFinally, Commercial Free TV, Movies, HBO & SHO time has officially come to an end! The average 1-hour show has over 28 minutes of commercials. Historically, cable TV charged a small monthly fee and provided commercial-free TV & movies. Now, they charge large fees to watch commercials. For a one-time fee of $2 you will receive:

– Never miss your favorite shows.


– Over 800,000 people have downloaded this free service!

– Watch first-run movies and cable series shows. 

– Never pay for TV, Movies, SHO & HBO, AGAIN!- Donate $2 for this service and help us build free housing for: Vets, single moms, seniors and the disabled.

For a one-time fee of $2, your family can watch commercial free TV & Movies on their iPhone, computers & conventional TV.

Get commercial free and free TV & movies today and start watching commercial free TV in a few minutes.





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Embrace Loving Gratitude and Your Life will Forever Change!

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We Pay up to $250,000 for Video Taping Police Abuse & Murder. (Smartphone Photographer Wanted!)



How to end illegal police brutality, immediately? Grab your smartphone and let’s get busy.

Free Your Mind is seeking civilians who can track and videotape police violence!

We also need documented evidence of misconduct of the justice system. That means misconduct from Prosecutors, lawyers, and judges. Civilian injustice begins at the top. Watch, Death Row Stories and see how our justice system murders innocent people.

People of color have the power to end police abuse in its tracks. How? We encourage thousands of smartphone photographers to track cops and videotape (police, sheriffs and or security guards) police abuse.

Screenshot Mobile Justice CA

Free Your Mind, only accepts unedited video’s or pictures of police abuse. We do not accept media released content. We do not accept uploaded media to YouTube and or any other online video media source.

Submission Policy: Once you submit your video or pictures. We will contact you within 24 hours with a financial offer. We pay within 48 to 72 hours via Certified Check, Bitcoin & and in person if your payment is over $25,000.



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In 4 Steps in Creating an Amazingly Awesome Abundant LIFE!

After this cool video… Join cool folks in building free houses & free organic food. Enter

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The 10 Best Micro Home Builders! How to Live without a Mortgage!


The popularity of the tiny house movement has led to so many good new small home designers and builders that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. We know that making a list inevitably means we’ll leave some great companies out but, nevertheless, we wanted to highlight some of the small house companies we’ve covered on Apartment Therapy, ranging from modern to traditional, prefab to custom built.


  • 5093fe7ddbd0cb033500052b._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company: Around 1997, Jay Schafer began pioneering the art of building and living in small spaces—”low-impact architecture,” as he calls it. All of the houses are finely crafted and designed to be used as a home or a weekend escape, and prices start at $38,000 for the smallest home.
  • 50940b3cdbd0cb035800064c._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Weehouse / Alchemy Architects: Minnesota’s Alchemy Architects are the makers of the modular prefab weeHouse, a modern home that averages around $150 per square foot (some models are more, others are less). Homes can be fitted with solar panels and off-the-grid energy kits.
  • 50940b3ed9127e2f160005cf._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Clayton Homes i-house: Warren Buffet’s modular housing business, Clayton Homes, launched the i-house in 2009. It’s a prefab model that starts at 723 square feet for around $75,000 and includes a number of standard green features, such as Energy Star appliances.
  • 50940b3fdbd0cb034f0005fd._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Metroship: David Ballinger, the creator and designer of the MetroShed has spun off his latest project with a similar modern aesthetic and focus BUT this one floats — it’s the MetroShip Houseboat. The prefab luxury house boat starts at a base price of $239,000.
  • 50940b41d9127e2f21000582._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Rocio Romero: Missouri-based designer Rocio Romero is well known for her minimalist prefab homes, which arrive flat-packed and can go up in a few months’ time. Prices for the standard “LV Home” average about $120-$195/square foot including shipping, foundation, and finishing costs.
  • 50940b42dbd0cb035800064d._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Little House on the Trailer: Stephen Marshall designs and builds tiny homes on top of a flatbed trailer, then rolls them out to his client’s site. Marshall custom designs each space and offers three types of structures up to 400 square feet: dwellings complete with kitchen and bath, offices, and art galleries. Prices range from $45,000 to $65,000.
  • 50940b44d9127e2f160005d0._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Katrina Cottages: After Hurricane Katrina devastated America’s Gulf coast in 2005, architect Marianne Cusato designed and developed one of the most popular low-cost emergency shelters: the 308 sf Katrina Cottage, available now in over twenty-five different versions and sizes. The company sells plans (beginning around $700) for the homes.
  • 5093ecbcd9127e2f160003f5._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Pacific Yurts: Based on traditional yurts constructed by Central Asian nomads for centuries, yurts are round and can be erected in hours. While a platform is necessary, a standard 12′ yurt will run you $3,950 and you can increase the size (up to 30′) and the extras (like windows, doors, insulation, etc.) to suit your comfort.
  • 50940b45dbd0cb034f0005fe._w.94_h.71_s.centercrop_ Tiny Texas Houses: Builder Brad Kittel makes these Texas “Tiny Houses” from 95% recycled materials. Unlike modern prefab mini-homes, each one is unique and reflects the style of its salvaged parts. Prices range from $42,000 to $155,000 depending on size.

Do you know of a great small home designer or builder we should profile? Send us an email and let us know!

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The Biggest Scam In History of Mankind (#1 Staff Pick)

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Date: May 19, 2013

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