Pockets of Freedom for Living off the Grid!

Love is currently working on a crucial project. She is updating a map of Pocks of Freedom. This means places around the world where people can be free and build sustainable housing and food. Please help us and send us links or information on places around the world that are green friendly!

Please enjoy the video and the Pockets of Freedom Map is below…

Pockets of Freedom Map | Red (Not receptive to Green Building) Green (Receptive to Green Buildings)

Author: BrainMan (Verified Member)
Category: shelter
Date: June 9, 2013

3 Responses
  1. This map has been republished and will be filled out.

  2. I will make the map bigger.

  3. Greetings~

    I wish the map was a tad bit bigger, I would like to see the city names a tad bit clearer.

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