The Healthiest Foods in the World! Grow it in 5 days or less…

The Healthiest Food in the World!

Do you sprout at home? I am talking chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lentils, wheatgrass, mung and adzuki beans, grains, nuts, seeds, young green shoots, small vegetable seeds and the list goes on. I just love love love sprouting for so many reasons, here are only a few:


·       It’s fun! There are so many sprouts to play with, you’ll never be bored. Watching them grow is really quite satisfying, I’ve been called a sprout whisperer once, OK maybe twice 🙂
·      Available all year. You can sprout anytime and become your own indoor-gardener
·      It’s easy. Don’t get sucked into sprouting equipment and gadgets, I still to this day only use bowls and jars to get the most beautiful sprouts, just allow yourself to muck up at first
·      It’s economical. I pay £3 for a small box of ready sprouted chickpeas and £1 for a whole pack of dried chickpeas. From that one pack, I could sprout upto 6 small box equivalent and save £17! Cha-ching!
·      Nutrient powerhouses. Of all the available land-based fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds- sprouts offer by far the best nutritional value. High five!


·      Bioactive food. Did you know sprouts are the only plant based food that is still growing as you eat it?


·      Ease on digestion. Being a living food, sprouts are absolutely packed with enzymes


·      Pesticide free. Growing your own sprouts, you can be certain they will be free from pesticides and chemicals


·      Freshness. You can be sure of the top quality and freshness every time


·      Medicinal properties.  Sprouts can be 100 times more concentrated in vitamins and minerals than mature organic vegetables. Better than supplements!
      I am planning to put together a Sprouting chart for you over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that… In the mean time, here is a video clip from a presentation I did on Sprouting at this year’s Raw Food Conference in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Discover which sprouts are better than others, I categorized them for you even..

Author: BrainMan (Verified Member)
Category: food, health
Date: June 11, 2013

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