Ten Best Places to Survive in America (Off the Grid)


Away from the shadow of a major city is the top priority.

Here is the list of amazing places you can live and be free of corruption and oppression!

10. Pikeville, Tennessee.  A small town of about 2000 people with moderate land prices with great natural resources for living off the grid with an added bonus of being in the picturesque Sequatchie Valley.

9. Cedar City, Utah. With a population of 25 to 30.000 people and one of the largest cities to make this list. Utah has an independent attitude as far as other states go. Cedar City has some reasonable priced land with some having beautiful mountain views wich also helped it make the list.

8. Thayer or Alton, Missouri, Located in the South central part of MO, and population of about 2,000. Good hunting and fishing areas and reasonably priced land.


7. Sierra Blanca, Texas

6. Hettinger, North Dakota,  Population of about 1000. In the Southwestern part of the state with reasonable priced land.

5. Carlin, Nevada,  Population of about 2000. Hot high desert area with cheap land.

4. Pennsboro, West Virginia, A cozy little town of about 1200, with a lot of Railroad history — beautiful 100- year-old tunnels and countryside and friendly townspeople. Great place if you’re into hunting and trapping. With land prices starting at $1,000 per acre. This is where I picked to live. And we love it here.

3. West Liberty, Kentucky, A small town in the mountains with a population of about 3000 in the eastern part of the state. Also with reasonable land prices with some as low as 500 per acre in large tracts

2. Mountain Home, Arkansas  Population of about 13000 in the Ozark Mountains

And the number one place to go off the grid — Red Oak, Oklahoma Another small town of only about 500 in Southeastern  OK.  Very reasonable land prices, some for less than 1000 per acre.

Something else to think  about when looking for, or buying rural properties is that people from the illegal drug industry also look for rural places like this to set up shop. So be safe when looking for your off the grid oasis.



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Date: August 22, 2015

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