Two Wilhelmina Models Paid to Destroy Bill Cosby Come Forward. (FYM Exposes the Truth!) Over 10 Million Views


chloeUpdate. Nude Model Chloe Goin’s Guilty of Fraud in the Dr. Bill Cosby Rape Case!  Read more>>

FYM (Free Your Mind) received this Letter on 15 Nov 2014. (This letter has been verified.)
I wasn’t going to send this email to FYM, but, the feeding frenzy on Bill Cosby’s character made my response necessary. Bill & Camille Cosby are global icons. The Cosby Foundation has gifted over $100 million in college scholarships (the largest college scholarship in history), he and his wife have educated children for the last 50 years, have the largest privately owned black art collection and his net worth is almost a billion dollars. Bill Cosby has consistently, empowered blacks for the last 55 years.

My Cosby journey started in 1982, I had a wonderful photographer named Choice. Choice, my photographer, was contacted by a casting agent, I was told to meet the client at the Ritz Carlton for lunch in New York in the summer of 1982. This client wanted to talk to me about a film project. I arrived at the Ritz Carlton at 11:30 AM. Two male clients arrived; a Caucasian male (he was in his late 30s) and an Asian male (he was in his early 50s). They indicated that I’d be perfect for a film project.
The project paid $5000 cash. I thought that was strange, who pays $5000 cash for a modeling job? The job was to meet Bill Cosby and to try to seduce him; it would be a part of the script. What a confusing job request? They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable? My response to their job offer was… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet Mr. Cosby. They said it was a spontaneous casting call? I never have in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call?


As a legitimate model, this seemed strange and unethical. I immediately turned down the job. The Asian man continued speaking and offered me $10,000 cash upfront and $5000 upon delivery of some seductive photos and some of his sperm. Sperm?Bill and Camille Cosby

(I was in shock when they said sperm?) I then realized that these two men had unethical intentions. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and then I left the hotel and went home. Now, as a model in New York, I’ve been offered drugs, trips around the world, films, videos, money from rich men, casting couch, and the list is endless.
As a naive model you’re offered many compromising projects, but, this blew my mind. I was offered $15,000 to seduce and destroy Bill Cosby. Why else would they need suggestive photos and sperm? I also realized that America has a history of oppressing, killing and destroying successful and poor people of color.

I wasn’t going to send this letter to FYM, but, the media lynching of one of our global icons (Bill Cosby), is simply unacceptable. Also, after watching Nightline, Associated Press, CNN, CBS, NPR, Fox, and many other news outlets blatantly misconstrue and lie about old allegations of Bill Cosby. I’m shocked by the lack of integrity of our major news media. Why would CNN, ABC, CBS, AP and the like lie about 30-year-old untrue allegations? If true, he would be in jail. Fact. (I think white supremacist, Donald Trump is behind this lie.) Wow! It’s working–the Lynching of Bill Cosby without one piece of evidence. Nightline simply cut, deleted and distorted the Cosby interview– making him628x47122 appear guilty. What has happened to the integrity of our nation?

A modeled, offered $15,000 cash to discredit and ruin Bill Cosby’s good name? I’m 100% convinced that all the women coming forward have been paid off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why? He is simply too powerful; his intentions are to empower people of color, and his net worth would anger any weak man.

I think most people are good people. My intentions aren’t to insult white people, but, the facts are the facts.
It’s a fact that–9/10th of the global population are people of color, and only 1/10th of the global population are whites. As in Ferguson, 21,000 people of color are controlled and abused by 60 white city officials. Ferguson reminds me of a slave plantation dominated by white cops. The world doesn’t want powerful people like Bill Cosby to empower people of color and teach them that we have always had the power in numbers and economically.

18tztmh7m8assjpgLest we forget; over the last 400 years our government has made over $250 Trillion dollars from free black slave labor.
American white men have hunted, oppressed, enslaved and murdered: millions of Indians, Africans, and Mexicans. Lest we forget: Black Wall Street, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, Mike Brown, etc… have been the target of white terrorism.

In America, in 2014, white police officer(s) murders black unarmed men at a rate of every 18 hours or murders unarmed black men 4.5 times more than white men. Blacks rate of incarceration are ten times more than whites for the same crimes. The CIA officially targets black and brown communities for profit.
michael-brown-deadGosh, black men only make up 6% of the American population, yet, represents 51% of the prison population? White men are 31% of the American population. Unarmed, nonviolent black men are murdered by white cops for small crimes. While white men can steal trillions of dollars from the banks, causes a global recession, start false wars, and not one indictment?

Sadly, America has a long history of killing and oppressing powerful & poor people of color. I hope this open letter reaches the media and our beloved Bill Cosby and his loving family.

I have been a member of FYM for two years, and I trust because they are an open source sharing community. FYM educates people on creating the world that provides: free housing, free organic, healthy food sources, free educational resources, free health care for all and heals the earth. FYM has nothing to gain by posting this ‘open letter’ and I simply don’t trust the news media.
Please don’t get angry at my photographer, the modeling agency and or FYM. I simply came forward because no one should lose their good name because of an allegation or lie. I have to say, I’m very disappointed in how the media frames the news. I no longer trust or watch mainstream media.”

On November 15, 2014, FYM, received an email from a Free Housing Project member. (All Free Housing Members are verified through a background check prior to membership. This female member has been a member for two years and has worked on several missions.) She explained in her email that she trusts FYM to post the truth about Bill Cosby. She would like to remain anonymous. (FYM fact checks all information prior to release.) FYM has verified the identity of the model who worked with Choice and Wilhelmina Models in 1982. She also provided (FYM) with the booking agents information. She also provided the names of each casting agent and location. She was given Bill Cosby’s location during that time, and we confirmed the location. (Important note: Choice & Wilhelmina had no prior knowledge of this situation. Bad people book models all the time.)

“Update” (14 July 15) : What’s funny is that most people haven’t read Bill Cosby’s deposition, which is over 100 pages. All of the victims admit they went back to Bill or describe a situation that was not rape or sexual assault yet they continue to see him. Also, one woman said she took drugs with Bill Cosby, and it was consensual. Bill only admitted to having a prescription to Quade’s for his back problem and only gave one pill to one woman during consensual sex. He didn’t admit to buying drugs to give to all women for the purpose of raping them–he would be in jail if that were the case. Also, not one woman obtained any evidence of any rape. Now, I find that a bit odd?

Page 19 of the deposition:

”Lawyer for the women:
Ms. Troani question: She seems to say in this report that after the initial meeting she did not see you again until she was 21. Is that correct?
Cosby: I have no idea.
Cosby’s Lawyer: The question seems she unequivocally states. That’s an incorrect statement. She states she spent a 2 week period in Lake Tahoe with Mr. Cosby when she was 21.
Lawyer for the women:
Ms. Troani: I don’t think its clear if you saw her in between that time. And you do not know if you saw her from the time of initial contact until she meet you in Lake Tahoe?

0000moviesFor those of you reading this to put this into context that woman says she was raped by Cosby at the age of 19 then the LAWYER REPRESENTING THE WOMEN ADMITS SHE MEET COSBY AFTER THAT WHEN SHE WAS 21! Cosby’s lawyer then corrects her & says no not only did she meet him but she spent 2 weeks with him on vacation with Cosby in Lake Tahoe 2 yrs after her “rape”! The lawyer representing the women AGAIN admits the woman as with the other one in question in this deposition went back to Bill on vacation etc.”
This letter was not edited or censored by FYM. (All authors who post on our site have access to update their post.) FYM is located in America, which is the land of the free. Please keep in mind all human beings are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by one’s peers.
Bill Cosby has supported the following charities listed below:

Bill and his wife have also donated $100  million to colleges and all his television shows have uplifted the moral fiber and consciousness of a billion plus people globally.

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Author: Hotep Oi (Verified Member)
Category: education, Wow!
Date: November 11, 2014

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  1. This reminds me of days gone by when they were lynching mostly successful blacks. Did you know blacks in the south started a seedcotton union for better working conditions and they were lynched. Bill Cosby is a lynching. Trump steals $175 million from students, hundreds of millions from his workers and he is rewarded. Crazy. Oh, trump is up for a rape charge.

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  3. Poor Bill! Another black man bites the dusk! Thank you white supremacy.

  4. Guilt before innocence. I bet Trump created this mess for Cosby.

  5. Bill was framed. White supremacy terrorizes people of color for centuries. Our legal system changes the laws when it comes to black people.

  6. It’s gonna be end of mine day, except before finish I am looking at this wonderful bit of writing. Thanks.

  7. Innocent to proven guilty… this is the American way.

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  10. Just sad.

  11. I just don’t think the Cos rapped anyone. I can’t imagine not one lady out of 50 didn’t get a drug or rape test? Not one? Now, that’s odd. Man, the white man is after Cosby. It’s obvious.

  12. He’s innocent.

  13. Thank you for your energy to have decided to put these things together on this site. Michael and I very much prized your insight through the articles about certain things. I recognize that you have many demands on program hence the fact that a person like you took equally as much time as you did to help people really like us through this article is definitely highly prized.

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  15. Wonderful site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I think Cosby is totally innocent!

  16. Some genuinely rattling work on behalf of the owner of this web site, utterly great content material.

  17. Sad, how are gov., treats people of color in the world.

  18. The saddest part to me was how many, if not most Black women condemned him. They were like rats fleeing a sinking ship. There is no unity and trust in our ranks. In the many articles, sisters were blasting him. It goes to show the underlying problem in the Black community. There IS NO unity between the man and woman, if lies can control minds like they did. Black women were quick to compare him to the bad choices in their life, and spew hatred. It’s unfortunate.

  19. The death of Michael Jackson, and possibly Cosby’s son was no accident. It is a death sentence to try to overstep your “place” in this corrupt society.

  20. I agree… he was framed.

  21. If Judy Huth was 15 in the playboy manion should raise multiple questions. She would have been a minor. So if Cosby indeed rape her in the manion what else went on there? Now its time to talk to Huey Effner Mr. Pimp himself.

  22. It’s interesting to me how one day, Bill Cosby is all over the news (Without any evidence) and the next day, nothing? Since giving his testimony, nothing? There is no case and it’s all BS. Just like the shooting in CA that killed 13 people. The cops said it was three white men, then it’s two Muslims. Just BS. Can’t believe anything on TV.

  23. For those who are questioning why now, I think I have an answer for you. Around 1957 I read a book, a pamphlet, in which a plan is created to bring the USA to its knees, and take over it without the need to fire a shot. This plan calls for the use of our rights and freedoms to be used to dilute our moral fiber, out ethics, our laws and the gnawing and eventual abolition of our Constitution. Further reading explains how Racial, political, religious and economic differences would be used to create such a rift between citizens to the point of such a civil unrest that the majority of US Citizens themselves would ask for and welcome Martial Law.

    The name of the book was NONE WOULD DARE CALL IT A COSPIRACY, I was then a Colombian born citizen, very much biased against the USA, was attending a school, in which the Communist Infiltration was very openly and constantly disruptive of classes and of endorsed a lot of Civil disobedience, in which a lot of us took part not for political allegiance but more for ditching school. As life takes its turns, in 1965 I migrated to the USA with the rest of my family and to my surprise I began to see, all of the predictions and results of what I had read unfold in front of my own eyes. About two month ago, someone posted the synopsis of what I had read, but it gave credit to its creation to two Professors from Columbia University. The Initial plan was concocted by Communist International, and it was not a threat it was a promised made for the take over of this country.

    Many other countries where such a plan has been brought to fruition have one thing in common, the majority of its Citizens believed so adamantly that it would never happen in their country, but it Did!
    What we are experiencing is not a Racial issue, it is not a Religious issue, it is not a rift between the have and have not, it is a war between DEMOCRACY/CAPITALISM VS COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM.

    Make no mistake about it, we are being played one citizen against the other, one political party against the other, one Religion against the other, an all proven military ploy of DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    There is a book written by a New Zealander titled “The enemy within”, the author spend a lot of research time following the Communist infiltration into our halls of power, to this moment in time where the end of this plot would end with Martial Law being declared by means of: Pandemic, unrest, or terrorist attacks, either allowed to be done by outsiders or staged and done by the many already in our soil.

    I have even seen how the word “Conspiracy was turned into a joke” and how PC has been used to keep the uniformed masses what the true meaning of the issues being discussed, but one only needs to go back into the record, by the use of our own laws, to see that many of the so called conspiracies ended up not being the jokes the made them to be: Kennedy, MLK, The Gulf of Tonkin, all the way back to the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

    Just food for thought, do your own research, prove me wrong, I still believe in this country, I am an American by choice and not by the accident of birth. I do not take the freedom and the opportunities, this country has given to many, for granted and only one of Jefferson’s predictions is left to come true: “All Democracies require from time to time the shedding of the blood of Tyrants and Patriots to return to its proper course” I am doing this quote from memory but the sentiment is clear.

  24. I’m still not feeling it. I think he’s been secretly molesting women for years and his being a powerful entertainer is what has kept this a secret for so long

  25. Fantastic Article… I do not believe Bill Cosby drugged or rapped anyone. The White man has always murdered black heroes. Bill has educated more young people than anyone in history… whites want him dead.

  26. constantly i used to read smaller articles or reviews that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this time.

  27. Response from Tim (FYM staffer):

    Free Your Mind accepts and reviews article submissions. We simply verified this post and posted it. The public can believe it or not. Also, over 7 women have been found to be lying about being raped by Cosby. Seven of them have never met Cosby? Cosby’s legal team is currently vetting all the women and preparing to sue these women.

    Trish, 5000 women, dogs and birds can come forward and accuse Santa Claus of rape. You still need evidence and a trial in America to be accused of a crime. Other wise, black men would be lynched to this day. Oh, they are still being lynched for raping white women. Our simple point of view is; over the last 400 years millions of innocent black men have been accused of raping or looking at a white woman and lynched without a trial of their peers.

    Tish wrote:

    So, based on one woman’s claim, is this meant to suggest that there is a great conspiracy of women who were paid to seduce Cosby and discredit him, and the planners spent upwards of 40 years doing it, produced no photographic or otherwise recorded evidence, until it was just “the right time” to spring unprovable allegations? After virtually no criminal or civil charges could be filed against him? Right….because that sounds way more feasible than 48 different women coming forward might have legitimate claims, to be trashed by fans, and who cannot legally sue for any money. Free your mind with logic and sense.

  28. Cec said on July 27, 2015

    @Mya Wow! You’re right that he never admitted to raping anyone but its suspicious that he would pay someone a settlement to keep quiet about what was discussed about the case. For instance, no one can prove Eddie Murphy likes transsexual hookers because he said he was giving one a ride in the middle of the night but common sense will tell you where there’s smoke there’s fire. Its more rare for someone to admit to a crime “I don’t even think that would convince you” so its up to people to believe what they want.

    Response from Mya (FYM Staffer)

    CeCe, in the end, we live in America where you are innocent until proven guilty. Celebrities are huge targets for lies. Even Whoopi Goldberg said on the view that people have lied on her, tried to sue for he over false allegations and the like. Even I had a cyber stalker who lied about me for no reason. If you have money, you are a target. All I know about Cosby is 7 plus women have been vetted and found to be lying. We only think Cosby had dozens of consensual sexual relationships, that’s a fare cry from drugging and raping someone. We are looking at the evidence. 50 women with out any physical evidence, 7 women who never even met Cosby and 1 woman who was paid to destroy Cosby. Also, a history of America who literally kills successful black men and communities.

  29. Response from Mya (FYM)

    Please post links to black people who have lynched or knocked out white people. Thus far, over 60 million blacks have been murdered during the middle passage over a 245 year period. Also, around 10,000 blacks have been lynched during Jim Crow. Please provide numbers of whites murdered by blacks over the last 400 years.

    Here is an article from the Huffington post saying its an Urban Myth to criminalize blacks.

    Thank you, Mya

    Response from Tony:

    Mya, Slate is a leftist propaganda outlet and not a source of facts. I cannot think of a more biased and untruthful publication than Slate. Maybe MSNBC? You’ve told me all you needed to about your brand of morals, honesty, and agenda through your citing of Slate. Goodbye.

    (P.S.: The “knockout game” and other black-on-white violence is reported by several other sources besides just the author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, including with supporting video, but you wouldn’t care about that, would you.)

  30. Cec said on July 27, 2015

    Response from Mya (FYM)

    Cec, Bill Cosbys deposition is over 1000 pages and people only read 1 question and answer. Bill Cosby has maintained that he was prescribed meds for his back pain and only offered his consensual lover one pill. He has never said that he drugged women for sex and or rape. The Media is reporting the information our out of context. If he had admitted to rape many years ago, he would be in jail.

    Cec wrote:

    Well, this thread just got a lot more interesting. With it being so hard to defend Cosby now and all.

  31. Response from Mya:

    Hi Tony,

    We researched blacks lynching whites and couldn’t find any evidence. Also, the ‘knockout game’ is a urban myth.

    Also from the Huffington Post:

    Tone wrote:

    fym, the “knockout game” is one example of blacks “lynching” whites — that is, doing mob violence against. There are many others, such as ones outlined in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. This is not the “black community” at large assaulting white Americans but rather the dregs of black America doing so, just as it is only the dregs of white America who wish violence against the black community. The difference is that the media reports on the latter while mostly staying quiet on the former, because the media is by and large leftist-racist.

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  33. Hi Fred… would you be kind and site one case where black people lynched white people? I can’t find any. Thanks, Mya

  34. Bravo Truth! The global news is nothing more than entertainment for the purpose of distraction. Currently, 20 million Congolese have been murdered by our government in the Congo… and it’s still going on. Not one word in the news. Worse than the Holocaust… but, nothing. Also, in cities nationwide, black boys are doing amazing things. In Chicago, there are 3 all black prep schools who graduate 100% of the student body and 100% go to good colleges. But, you’ll never see that in the news. And, yes, you’re right… not a word about 9/11 and how blding 7 without being hit and all buildings were insured for a billion dollars the day before? Once, we realize that this matrix isn’t real… I think Cosby, killing of young black men and Ebola is to distract us from our government going into Syria illegally and stealing their oil.

  35. Woah, this really seems the witch hunt. It’s unbelievable how people can jump to such conclusions,
    without proof. This is our major news outlets talking a drama dome, when the same outlets won’t
    put two seconds of daily “real news” about the “fact based collapse” of the WTC Bldg 7 on 9/11!
    “Two ladies yapp’in over the fence in a daily spit throw…” Yep, that’s the news neighbor.

  36. Roni you tell them, and you’re ruff with it! I always say “why do people with good common sense try to be apart of a system that is wicked and that system was not intended of them being a part of it in the first place? I recognize that this current power structure is for a select few, and I’m not interested in having endless money, excessive material goods, and controlling and killing people to remain that way. What person with a conscious is that way, and what is that description, is primitive or inhumane?

  37. The problem with your comment is the fact that these are not NEW allegations that just came up NOW…. its OLD allegations resurfacing for a REASON….that reason is the unknown factor here

  38. I was confused for a long time. Just could not understand,why they discontinued the Cosby Show only to replace it with three episodes of three eposods of fall guy On prime time sschedules. I’m not a TV person however,I enjoyed his shows,the Fat Albert Show was one of his first programs that aired. The first African-American TV broadcast. That I remember. However.anyone interested in viewing reruns of The Bill Cosby show can go to just type it in search. They have just about every eposoide in there archives.

  39. FACTS. I was going to see him in Tarrytown, NY to support him.

    No one is perfect but watch who is throwing stones.

    He has always supported & uplifted the people & community in my opinion through education.

    It can’t be an accident that these allegations come now.

  40. Hi Fred, Choice was the models photographer… he didn’t write the letter, the model did. Have a nice day, Mya

  41. Linda, there are plenty of examples of situations where blacks “lynch” whites, but it doesn’t make the news that much, just like black on black crime rarely – if ever – makes the news.

    As far as the belief that blacks can’t be racist, that is part of the unproven Critical Race Theory propaganda. In essence, racism is simply hating another group of people because of their ethnicity or skin color. Anyone is capable of being racist in that sense.

    And by the way, when you note that “Most black people mind our business and do our thing… then the white government comes in and destroys us through policies and profiling,” that’s all most white people want.

    Unfortunately, we are now being told that due to (unproven) “white privilege,” all white people are racist. Not true, but if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

    Most people – regardless of color – want less government and be left alone to enjoy the freedoms that are guaranteed to us under the Constitution.

    One last comment. The first slaves in America were Irish. The first slave owner who owned blacks was also a black man himself.

    Aside from America, EVERY culture and society has a history of slavery. In fact, it is still practiced in many Islamic nations today and most of the slaves there are black.

    The problem is not the color of the skin. The problem is the heart of people, which is corrupt.

  42. They won’t bother with Oprah. The point of Choice’s letter is to affirm that the media likes to go after black males who are powerful because of their position in life. They are also generally conservative and have no problem calling the black trash (just like white trash are part of the white community) within the black community on the carpet.

    Herman Cain was targeted with a growing stream of women (organized by Gloria Allred) to destroy his credibility and now Bill Cosby is the target.

    The media doesn’t care about blacks killing blacks or whites killing whites. What they care about is destroying the credibility of conservative-minded individuals, whether they are white, black, or something else.

    No one comes down on Al Sharpton who has been proven to be a liar, racist, and thief (owes 4.5 million in back taxes to IRS). No one attempts to destroy Jesse Jackson’s rep. Farrakhan is untouchable. Anyone who deigns to disagree with President Obama is immediately tagged a racist, in spite of the FACT that most of his policies mirror Bill Clinton’s.

    The elite care for one thing and one thing only: their agenda. Anyone who stands in the way of that agenda is destroyed. I think Bill Cosby deserves the benefit of the doubt, yet it seems too many have made up their minds that he’s guilty.

    I’d like to thank Choice for coming forward and writing her letter. It took guts and a great deal of integrity.

  43. “JThomas” I don’t know who or what you are, but one thing African Americans are not, is “Racist”! We as a people do not hate anyone who is a different complexion than us, because the “African American” comes in many different shades of color; What you call “Racism” is unique to one group of people on this earth, and I don’t have to tell you who they are, you already know! So when you refer to the so called: “African American” do not call him/her a “Racist”!

  44. Michael, all people have power… our skills, choice and physical energy gives us power. Become self sustainable and walk away. Review this site and walk away.

  45. Let’s get one thing straight the Moors also gave you the first light of the world and built the institutions of education and higher learning in Sicily. They are the ones who civilized in all forms of humanity. That was not in any form or manner the same in human rape murder and beastly form of slavery that was committed here in American. Those people had the same civil liberties and rights as all others and could marry and hold public office in the community. You are not talking to any fools who are not aware of their history here!!

  46. All of that sounds great but your actions are what make you a raciest not your words. And you have a long record of atrocities that your people have perpetrated on people of color all over the world through out history.

  47. That sounds great but is it realistic no!! When you have no money or power you have no authority. We have been labeled all of our lives we didn’t label ourselves it was done for us by those in control and power.

  48. Thank you Tom, has there been any group in history that have been intentionally and systematically enslaved and oppressed like African American over a 500 year period? Has any group been dehumanize like blacks? That means having their entire history deleted, stolen and lied about? Is there any other group of people who are framed as dangerous animals by white people? Just wondering? Has there been another group who has been economically raped and oppressed for 500 years like blacks?

  49. Nicely Stated, and i agree with most of what you have said. I am an Anglo American. I do Know that My ancestors have done the whole world a great deal of Wrong. and that sux. However getting to my point. Any person of any color or creed can be a racist. Also The Moores in Africa went north and conquered and enslaved the inhabitants of Sicily. This occurred well before Europeans came to Amercia. I have the utmost respect for you and your thoughts. But slavery has been executed by all creeds throughout history.

  50. Study true history…..ALL races, nations, countries….have, a one time or another, enslaved other races, without exception. And sadly, if we survive ourselves, we all will again.

  51. @gardengal….Racism is a Verb, a behavior that is systematically driven by the majority. You’ve listed “Verbal insults” as examples of racism–try being The target in elementary schools to be set up for the school-to-prison pipeline, being discriminated against and told “No” when applying for jobs or how about our black entertainers (athletes, Actors, musicians) threatened not to make remarks regarding racism and encouraged or blocked from helping black americans to gain economic power? THAT’S RACISM!!! what you gave us was a Websters dictionary version (written by someone from England) of racism. Whites aren’t allowed to define or tell us what racism REALLY is because you just don’t get it!

  52. GardenGal that was VERY ELOQUENTLY put. Blessings to you for your honesty.

  53. VERY ELOQUENTLY STATED Brandon 🙂 #TruthAnyhow

  54. Farrakhan put it best when he said that no other group of people on this earth have a history of tortue, muder, pillage, rape, and other i describe acts of malice against other human beings as the white race. And, for no other reason other than they could ans still can get away with it. Lynching men in front of their families, raing women in front of their husbands, killing woman and snatching babies out of their bellies in front of their husbands, then killing or stealing the babies if they were stii alive, mass murdering innocent people, tricking and stealing land that belonged to others. These people still living on reservations today having to adhere to laws that pertain to no other group of people in this country. Illegal immigrants have more rights than they do….the list goes on and on…all of this in order to instill fear for the purpose of control. Mo other group of people on this earth have been / are as perverted and evil. Look at who is in control of of every evil entity on this Earth. Who drives the porn industry, sex slave industry, who is responsible for the kidnapping of young boys and girls for that industry. For making sure drugs make into this country and certain communities; I don’t even know where a gun factory is, do you. I know who runs the industry….like I said, the list goes on and on…white folks have selective memory….

  55. David, you have a good voice! Nice song. Mya

  56. GardenGal, I appreciate your comment. But, black men have a long history of falsely being accused and murdered over white woman screaming rape. You can’t convict any man without evidence and not one of these victims have evidence and many continued seeing him and accepting money (allegedly) after he raped them? The latest victim (the 15 year old) went to the tabloids 10 years ago and tried to get $250,000, but, they wouldn’t pay. Now, she didn’t go to the police or emergency room for a rape kit… she went to the tabloids? We have a 500 year history where the black man/woman (who was the first person to walk the earth, all people evolved from black people, black people built most of thee industrialized countries for free and I could go on..) was blamed and murdered for everything… even for selling cigarettes as of last week. Mike Vic got 6 years for dog fighting and five cops got off for chocking an innocent black men to death. Eric Gardner wasn’t even fighting back or resisting? He did nothing illegal.

  57. Exactly. Coming forward to admit that you have been a victim of rape or sexual assault – whether it be the day after the event, or decades later – isn’t something that any woman I know would do lightly. Perhaps the model did have that experience. Since there is virtually NO alliteration in the article it’s hard to know. As for all the women who are coming forward after so long – who’s to say why each one individually chose to make the leap. I think in all reality most likely when the first one came out, and then another the others gained courage from that and decided it was time for them to lend their voices.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I adore Bill Cosby – or did. I’m not so sure right now how I feel about him. I’d hate for this to be true, and I don’t know any more than you do if he is guilty or not. But to blindly assume that he’s innocent serves no one. Remember, he isn’t Cliff Huxtable. He’s an actor and comedian. His job is fooling people into thinking he’s something he’s not. And frankly, I can’t imagine a woman opening herself up to the kind of criticism that has already begun.

    Remember when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape by a young woman he invited back to his room? After the court case began his lawyers released her name and address to the press. As it has been for many years that was a clear violation of her rights. But, once done it couldn’t be undone. She was forced to move several times because of threats on her life by overzealous fans and the media. She changed her phone number repeatedly for the same reason. One fan drove to Bryant’s home to offer to kill her for him as a favor. Her life was quite literally ruined. Why would any of the women currently coming forward about their experiences with Cosby do that – knowing what could very well be in store for them. The loss of friends, the loss of credibility, the loss of jobs or educational placement. I simply cannot imagine them doing this if there wasn’t something to it, but I will reserve my final judgment until this has played out. I would so very much like him to be innocent of these charges, but the truth is the truth, and it is out there somewhere. I think we all need to reserve our judgement until the fat lady sings.

  58. Blacks can’t be racist? Sweetie, if you truly believe that the problem isn’t just with us white folks. I’m a white woman who will celebrate my 70th birthday this Friday. I lived through the civil rights era of this great nation and have seen the bitter consequences of racism – from both sides. I’ve marched for civil rights, worked to stop racism. And like black people I have been verbally assaulted by people who don’t agree with me – black as well as white. About a week ago I was verbally assaulted by a black man who seemed to have deliberately taken the most negative possible interpretation of a post I had made on one of the group pages and use it to inflame his rage. I had noted that the fight in Ferguson was still not over – Wilson could still be investigated for the death of Michael Brown in a criminal proceedings OR in a civil proceedings because of the improprieties in the grand jury. The man jumped on me, swore at me, called me a string of derogatory names and generally told me that my post showed me to be a racist bigot and a Troll – apparently a term that means an Internet spy from a group with opposing views who visits a thread to interject their comments. I was on one of the Rachael Maddow groups. So – can black people be racist? Yes, sadly, they can. In my view racism isn’t solely about economics – it’s about a false sense of entitlement and superiority over other races. The truth is, there is no real difference between people with different skin color – beyond that simple fact.

    Definition of racism – rac·ism – rāˌsizəm – noun

    The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism

  59. Well said, RasHaki. African Americans can turn this mess around real quick if they would watch where they spend their dollars and control their desire to spend on non-essentials. It’s all about money and racism is a tool to turn whites against people of color to distract from the fact that the 1% and corporations are working against us. We buy their products and they screw us. Think on that. Buy black, buy from mom and pops and know where they circulate their dollars. If it’s not coming back to you and your community 7 times around, you’re part of the problem. Farrakhan and others you mentioned have been teaching this all along.

  60. I think Raven Symone said it best when she did an interview with Oprah. “Don’t label me as African-American or gay.” As long as we continue to label ourselves/others racism/prejudice will continue to exist. Labeling perpetuates segregation. Who cares about skin color, we’re all human beings.

  61. Jthomason, thank you for your comment. But, people of color have a long history of pain and unkindness coming from white men and women. Black people didn’t enslave and torture white people. Black men didn’t lynch white men for no reason and I could go on. Also, blacks can’t be racist… racism denotes economic suppression. Most black people mind our business and do our thing… then the white government comes in and destroys us through policies and profiling. Now, if there are 168 million white people… you know they are doing more drugs, breaking more laws, etc.. than 36 million black people. You do the math.

  62. I don’t care of what anyone says about Bill Cosby, he has been a mentor in my life and everyone that I know looks up to him and we have been for many years watching him on television. He’s innocent until proven guilty and I feel sorry for the ones that came forth to try to destroy him and his legacy

  63. First off I have always been a fan of Mr. Cosby and until there is solid proof I dont believe a word of it.
    What I want to ask is that you allegedly was asked to do all this to set him up so where is your proof??? Why should anti e believe you and not the other lady’s???? So this goes back to having proof. If there is NO PROOF of this crime happening or not happening then what gives anyone the right to pass judgement on him or anyone in this situation no matter what color you are. Social media is SOOOOOOO out of control that it should just be band and yo back to the way things use to be before internet.

  64. I am a white man. I do not know a single person from any race who would like nothing more for the allegations against Bill Cosby to be found false. Furthermore I do not know any person who wants and hopes for every race to receive fair treatment and justice and to have more positive role models for everyone, regardless of race. It’s unfortunate that we live in a society of distrust and hate of our fellow man. It is a fact that racism is alive and well and comes from the black race as well as every race. The comments on this article prove that to be true.

  65. What I find amazing is how it’s become a common practice to merely accuse someone without proof. This is not why women find it hard to come forward when something like this happens to them, what makes it hard is the fact there are women who will sell their souls to the devil for a dollar. Women like these are clearly for the money, why else would you wait this long? If this happened to me, I would want to see the person pay in the court of law and not in a court of ”PUBLIC OPINION” And the fact that Mr. Cosby chooses not to dignify this mess with a reply, doesn’t mean he’s guilty, it just means he’s better than this and is not going to allow this to drag him down to the level of these people and I applaud him for it. This country is so full of hate and fear, the white man is so afraid of people of color gaining power because they know all the evils that have been done to people of color at their hand, so they think if we got into a position of power, we would in turn do evils to them because that is what they would do if they were in our shoes. So they have no limits as to how far they would go to see the oppression of people of color, remain in tact. But rest assured, we do not harbor such hate in our hearts, there’s no room within us to go through our lives feeling such an evil, it would only destroy us from within, I mean really, look at what it’s done and doing to the white man, take a look at how it’s working out for them.

  66. OMG!! That was awesome!! you hit the nail on the head. This country is so corrupted.

  67. RasHaki, well said. Why can’t we just love and support each other. Free Your Mind Community-

  68. I hear all of what the contributors are saying in this forum, and people can sway on not one way or another. But lets look at what were dealing with; An Industry that’s controlled by power and money that’s racist just like the global dominate power structure that can: 1. Place military institutions all over the world. 2. Enslave Africans for numerous years physically and mentally. 3. Kill people in plain sight with video evidence and walk away free and fill no remorse on television saying that there were no options not kill. 4. Tuskegee Experiment. 5. Emit Till 5. South Africa Aparteid System. 6. Israel offensive against Palestine. How many more examples do we need. None of know if Bill did this, but the record tends to lead me to say its something that smells fishy. People the best thing we can do is be the best we can be and make sure we do our best to not be inhumane. We all have did incorrect things in our lives and we are flawed, but are you conscious of it and what are you doing about it? Are you willing to give up things in your live you know that’s wrong and harmful to you and your environment to improve the human condition? Let me end on this “Man is not far from the Cave!” Think about it!

  69. This is the reason women don’t come forward in these situations. I love Bill Cosby but if he’s guilty he needs to pay for it, no matter how long ago it was. It is still wrong and it is not okay to overlook it, some in star status positions fill it is okay to belittle others and just send them on their way. They say nothing knowing that no one will believe them over “The Star”.

  70. I have always loved Bill Cosby. I am white. I do not consider myself racist in any way and I truly try to stay attuned to what and how black (or any other minority) is sensitive to. I respect everyone until I’ve been given a reason not to.
    My question has always been, “why are these women allegedly going to his hotel room or private room?” I am not a prude but honestly, I wouldn’t go to a man’s room without a suspicion that something might happen. Just my way of thinking, I’d prefer not to put myself in a position unless I was interested. And I certainly wouldn’t complain about my menstrual cramps. Seriously?
    I am sure that Mr. Cosby is not perfect….none of us are. But I truly doubt these allegations. I hate that a person who has stood for respecting ones self, respecting authority, and his pride and direction to aide his fellow race, would go anywhere anyone else didn’t want to go. I do believe he is a man of morals and principles. I don’t want him to be guilty. I love this guy. But IF he is, there are 2 sides to the story and it is important for these women to be responsible for their part in this story. Whether the story is true and they placed themselves in a bad situation or they lied.

    BTW, I’m not sure how much to believe anything that Ms. Dickinson says. She has issues that are well documented,

  71. Remember, Rosewood?


  72. How is that unfortunate in any way?

  73. I do not support Bill Cosby because he is black although that is a good enough reason considering the racial inequality this country has. I support Bill Cosby because, I READ, I LISTENED AND I HEARD these women. Truth NEVER changes. Lying, no matter how good you THINK you are catches you. There are little thing in these conversations that do not add up, Little expressions that do not fit. TIMELINE is wack. To top it off, I believe in Overkill. Intentions stated and ACTIONS do not go together.

  74. exactly!! who knows if this one wasnt paid by cosby’s powerful peeps to discredit the other 20 women?? …..anything is possible now

  75. Alexis,
    Unfortunately, the comment of sexual abuse regarding Raven Symone was determined to be spam. Raven has publicly came forward and adamantly stated that Bill Cosby has never made any sexual advances toward her and has been nothing but professional.

  76. FBI stats report 2 Black men on average are killed by police every week. This is a conservative number because it just came out that 100s of police homicides were NOT recorded by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (Wall Street Journal).

  77. My Dad always said to me “Bad men prosper when good men do nothing.” I can understand her fear but I’m sorry—-I could not let an innocent person be lynched in the media and half step in my defense. She needs to come forward and identify herself just like the rest of Cosby’s staff who know him ought to do. If it were me, my conscience would be beating me down for my lack of courage. This accounting she is giving here is good but, I say respectfully, almost good for nothing because who knows about it except a handful of people who visit this site (I mean no disrespect). She should consider privately meeting with & surrounding herself with like-minded influential fearless people, get an attorney (or get legal advice from Cosby’s atty), come up with a plan, and put her faith in the Lord, put on His armor and ask His Protection.

  78. Bill Cosby is not my hero. My parents are my hero’s. I’m an African American woman who has been raped, so I don’t take it lightly. I don’t believe these women. I watched an interview with the last model, and it just looked fake to me.

  79. I love Bill and I think all the people coming forward against his name is lying, then again it’s so many people. I’m just confused can someone please explain it to me.. How did this become something about race, again? I skimmed through it but honestly the only person I know that came forward was Raven Symoné and last time I checked she wasn’t white? And she was pretty successful she doesn’t need the extra money but then again who knows people are greedy; but then again I like Mr. Cosby and I really can’t say I believe it, I really just don’t know. Let’s not throw race in it for the fuck of it. I wish I could write this to main source.

  80. Thanks for your witness. I too believe Dr. Cosby rattled someone at the top and is innocent. I strongly believe what is needed is more people who knew him personally to come forward. Would you be willing to go to CNN or the press, especially the Black press and be openly interviewed? Just something to consider.

  81. Not necessarily so—Bill Cosby has a credible, sizeable fanbase among African Americans as well. There were some prominent voices among Blacks who may not like Cosby–particularly after his pull your pants up tour (which I attended and agreed and I’m Black). Just because a few among leadership didn’t agree, doesn’t mean Blacks as a whole dislike him.

  82. His race doesn’t matter—I simply hate to see people get railroaded with no evidence except an accusation. What made me very skeptical of the allegations–and that is what they are because there has been no trial–are the holes in these lady’s stories. Many of them continued to maintain contact with Dr. Cosby AFTER the so-called rape and even accepted financial assistance from him. What rape victim does that??? Ms. Dickinson states she woke up with semen all over her–why didn’t she take this “evidence” to the authorities? Some of the women apparently went back to visit him and got “raped” again. I ask again–what rape victim goes back for more? I could go on and on…


  84. Ask yourself this simple question: based on everything that is being reported in the media, if 16 woman stepped forward and made the type of claims being made against Bill Cosby that are presently in circulation AND Bill Cosby was a white or asian man, would you still feel the same way about what’s going on? Be fair. To those of you who feel so strongly about automatically doubting the claims being made by these women saying that “if it’s true why didn’t you report it years ago?” ask yourself this other “simple” question. Knowing full well that large numbers of people in society would instantly label you a liar for even suggesting that their hero was a rapist and you’d be facing a man in court whose personal wealth 300 million dollars would you report being raped by him?

  85. I waited on the Lord and the truth came out. Praise the Lord!!!

  86. This comment is for those who wasn’t born in the sixties. I implore you all (people of color) to make it your business to learn both the history of this country and your own. Also, study the political, religious and legal platforms of this country. You will find that what you’ve seen, been taught, watched and believed in your everyday lives have been designed to blind your reasoning. Racism is more than one ethnic group defacing or degrading another the way you’ve been taught. It has layers of defamation, ignorance and degradation to the highest power. We live in a time where most young people in this country do not understand why specific elements are in place such as multimedia, cell phones, daytime programming which depicts foul language at a premium, the abuse of free speech and compelling underhanded levels of govermental abuse. We can no longer blame the powers that be for what is going on. Young Mr. Brown, Trayvon and many others are only a fraction of so-called African-Americans that have had their civil rights abolished through the eyes and the hand of the laws in this country. Voting is just the preamble of what’s necessary. It’s time to protest, protect and rid of those blacks and whites who sit at the table of the “Good Ole’ Boys” network. Yes, we have sellouts in our mist along with those who no longer wear the sheets and hoods. Research and investigate those who you elect. Learn the laws of the land…especially, males of color and poor whites. These zealous acts of human termination is part of a larger plan to destroy our families, our standards of living and the right to truly be free. Dig this…those young brothers who lost their lives, the extermination of Dr. King, Dr. Huey P. Newton, Malik El Shabazz, Meger Evers and many more are only a continuous and consistent lynching of what the establishment will always fear. It’s 500 plus years of murder and family division…and counting. Sorry, Mr. Cosby. You’re just next in line. Besides, whenever the seeds of the enemy began to embrace you, why wouldn’t they want to lynch you too? Wake up, brothers and sisters. Wake up!

  87. So why come forward now?? Why not report what happened then? This is a conspiracy to destroy a good man and give content to bored broadcasters

  88. Not because he didn’t do it to some of his proteges means he didn’t do it to anyone else

  89. I certainly hope that Mr. Cosby did not commit the acts of sexual assaults of which he has been accused. After spending thousands of hours studying the system of White supremacy, I have come to realize that most people, including Blacks, have no idea of its true insidious nature.

    If you do not understand White supremacy which is racism, what it is and how it works, everything else that you understand will only confuse you. -Neely Fuller

    If you wish to gain insight or give it to others, kindly review the following three mission-critical links:

  90. Tan, FYM thinks most people of color (this includes white people) are good honest people. Just like 99% of the population would like our food labeled and 1% doesn’t want our foods labeled. Yes, black people had had a horrific past in America and the world. Thank you for your kind compassion.

  91. Thank you for your comment! I have always thought Bill Cosby is an amazing person. And, yes, I am a white person! So much evil in the world, it is really sad. People can be bought for any amount of money.

  92. This is my definition of racism for what it is worth: Racism; the perpetuation of the myth created by a White/German “scientist” named Johann Blumenbach, that anyone of a different skin color other than his own was of an inferior “race”.

    This lunacy and junk “science” was a mere theory which in time came to be accepted “as if” it were in fact, real science. Look up this person and you will see how he (and some other “scientists”) took it upon themselves to decide that classifying people by skin color, skull shape, body type, facial structure and features, among other physical attributes determined who was better than who. And they determined that their own “race” was superior because they said so. It was disgusting and thoroughly self serving garbage and the sooner we expose it the better.

    As for the accusations against Mr. Cosby. Don’t know if they are true or not. Need more facts.

  93. RasHaki, Bravo! You are beautiful!

  94. This is very enlightening. I thought it was very odd that many women would come out and accuse Cosby of these actions. But with further pondering I must realize that the popular media is controlled by a system of racism. I would encourage all people of color to look for an alternative way to think and live other than this system we live in “deceptive false not real American inhumane ideology”. And look at alternative sources for news and information other than the propagandize media. Some people who may make things clear are Neely Fuller, Frances Cress Welsing, Phil Valentine, and my mentor Professor Amen Rahh. There are more like Martin King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and others but they are all exceptional sensible people who has impacted society.

  95. Webreader, daily black men are murdered for no reason by cops because of the color of their skin. Every major black freedom fighter has been murdered, including the Kennedy boys who closed the Federal Bank.

  96. I personally don’t think this is about keeping a black man down. I want all of these allegations to be false and Bill Cosby to be innocent. And if he is, and there is a conspiracy out there to ruin him, I think it’s because he was outspoken about UNITY BETWEEN ALL RACES, not because of his race. As long as we are divided and fighting with each other, we can be fooled and controlled. Once we all unite and stop looking at the color of our skin and stop fighting, spewing hate, acting like victims, we can ALL move forward in a more positive world. This is why Bill Cosby is a man I look up to and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are men I ignore.

  97. Very well stated.

  98. Bill Cosby has always been able to “cross-over” and was welcomed into the white entertainment community. However, he NEVER lost his sense of “self” and where he came from. I believe this story and would love to know “why” these men went and are going to so much to discredit one man. What on earth could he have done? or is it just because of the color of his skin?

  99. What’s a Limatation? And, how do you SURPRESS something?

  100. Just like white people love President Obama doesn’t mean white racists are not out to get him, discredit his presidency and accomplishments.

  101. Ben, thank you for sharing that insightful information. I believe you were able to articulate the “why” behind the story. Whether Mr. Cosby is guilty or not is something nobody will ever have to prove. He will just simply be taken down by the story. Mr. Cosby has done many good things, and he has stood up for black people, and has been very successful in his professional life.
    That is what the truth is, and what you pointed out. Ultimately, we pray that truth is what will prevail.
    I am a middle class white woman who feels that Bill Cosby is a target, not for his supposed sins, but for his success. Thank you for standing up for the truth.

  102. But here’s the part which makes the least sense:
    It’s true. Not a single white person I’ve talked to wants these rumors to be true.
    You’ll find whites are still supporting him, still buying tickets to his concerts.
    Know who doesn’t like Bill Cosby?
    BLACK PEOPLE. Ever since he told black youths to pull up their pants
    and take personal responsibility.
    This is why I can’t take this article seriously.

  103. Seems like they all were comfortable with being paid at the time. I wonder what has changed that has caused the turn of events….or should I say the turn of fortune.

  104. Your fixation on a definition that allows you to judge anyone who mentions black prejudice with the word racism suggests you have unresolved issues that have nothing to do with the current discussion… I find that sad.

  105. The women, and now men who are accusing Cosby have come forward with their names. If you want your article to be credible you and the person sending the email claiming being paid to destroy Cosby’s reputation need to disclose this person’s name. Unless a name is attached to this person’s claim, the article is nothing more than internet hearsey. A wide variety of persons, to women around the country to now a man who used to work for NBC who said he was the middleman in paying off women sexaually assaulted by Cosby and telling them to keep quiet. So you’re saying this is a vast left wing conspiracy to discredit Cosby? I don’t think so.

  106. Cosby won’t get a trial because the statute of limitations in both the civil and criminal courts have long since passed. Do some research next time.

  107. You’re saying not reporting a rape is a crime? That’s the worst “blame the victim” mentality I have EVER heard.

  108. Very true, I remember that story very well. I even thought someone was going to die over her lies.

  109. Well said and on point with facts that anyone can actually look up for themselves before judging and see a long conspiracy trail. It also seem to be some very hostile women commenting on here that leads me to wonder are some of them rape victims themselves, which I’m sure some wont admit. But thank you for sharing this information. Some I knew of but you definitely gave me some more home work to do myself. Much appreciated.

  110. Excellent response and I actually learned a few things..

  111. To be honest, whether BC actually committed what he’s been accused of, I do not know as I was not there. However, BC was mainly involved in ” black comedy” which was very entertaining back in the days. So where did these white women appear from? or where they black at that time? Additionally, there was obvious divide between black and white people 30 years ago! therefore what was the rationale behind concealing the alleged abuse from BC then? Were there any witnesses? evidence?.

    The problem here is that of ” judgement without trial” which is what the media is very good at doing. In my opinion, this is a set up to taint the character of BC to obtain money from him. I think it the allegations should be investigated fairly and the matter put to rest.

  112. Billie, you’re wrong. Our staff carefully verified this story and the Model in question was being paid to setup Bill Cosby. They wanted to get evidence and misconstrue the evidence, just like our current media does. Imagine… over 60 yeas in show business and no damning evidence.

  113. Your comment is admirable, but also assumes the court system will give him a fair trial.

  114. “You can’t be serious” PLEASE take the advice above and take a sociology class. The belief that Black people can’t be racist is not a new one. There are many supporters of that theory of all colors in the intellectual world. You need to back up and re-read and understand the definition of racism. And like another commenter said, perhaps Blacks can be racists but because we are not generally in positions of power over whites our racism cannot have the same wide-reaching effects as White racism.

  115. Well not every women got her panty’s all wet when she saw or was introduced to Bill Cosby! looks like he took what he wanted from the ones who weren’t in awwwwww or interested in him…. from what this model/women is saying, somebody was paying her to set up and possibly try and stop the pervert /Bill Cosby from going forward with any more attacks/sexual assaults

  116. Your words of wisdom is biased,leaning towards the so call rape victims,can u speak on their charital contribution that are indicative of their claims

  117. Look, no matter what, the timing and timeline of these supposed incidents is unremarkable. These women were of age and made decision to conceal this criminal act which is tampering with evidence. What kind of healing is this/ the initial evidence is necessary to convict and condemn.

  118. Well said……I’m simply bemused of all these allegations. If one knows rape now, she definitely knew rape then. Why going back to the one that has been raping you if that is not your place of residence. The law then was mare favorable to whites than it was to blacks. My question is why none of these cases never mentioned? SMDH

  119. People take the time out of our day to defend or accuse a man based on news report and talk shows, and “testimonies” (allegations) and then wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are retards…

    I refuse to comment on weather bc is innocent or guilty… To be honest that is the job of the prosecutor, and if it gets that far a judge and jury… Until then it’s tabloid news… A wise man once said “you should never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” And any opinion based on what fox, cnn or any other network’s version of today’s news alone, is misguided. the news programs today don’t deliver facts, you can’t even be called an opinionated reporting… It is what We used to call that speculation and rumors… and it leads to this… Weather or not bc is guilty or innocent Or weather the women are true victims or just chasing a 90 yr old gravy train, doesn’t matter… We all have lost, because without knowing the facts most people have allowed someone else to form their opinion for them. Never asking to see the facts…. Not You nor I have seen the facts.

    Fact is Bill Cosby is a man accused of doing something terrible… Fair enough. Now if allegations have any wieght we’ll see it on court TV, in one form or another (civil or criminal). If they don’t, bc was either a very clever and suggessful rapist, maybe just a target of a smear campaign or a get rich quick scam .. Don’t know… To be honest I don’t give a flying f. It will sort itself out soon enough.

    All that I ask is atleast save the opinions till after the facts have been laid out…

    Just because 17 woman say he did something doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything. On the same token, just because he’s bc doesn’t make him automatically incapable of committing a crime either.

    That’s the true tragity, that people are so easily distracted from reality. All I see is just an upscale version of the jerry springer show at the moment, and nothing more… to pacify and herd the masses.

  120. I’m ‘Inclined’ to think it’s about financial Gain, or at least the Financial Ruination of an Influential person. ( Of Color or otherwise! Remember Michael Jackson?)

    It will happen, keep happening, and Continue for whichever reason.
    That’s life with Lawyers.

    P.S. I’m White: and I’ve been enjoying Mr. Cosby since GOD asked Noah, “How Long can You tread WATER?”

  121. Thank you for you well thought out comment. Now….let’s hope that all truth comes to light!

  122. The question is,what rich white man toes did Bill step on.No black man can get to high on the totem pole that he can make a filthy rich white principalitie sitting on high mad.They will destroy your black ass if the All MightyFather doesn’t miraculously get your black ass out of that mess. Ask Michael Jackson.

  123. Wow all these people talking about racism and you sound like the most racist one of all! “All YOU white people”? “guilty by association”? YOU, My friend, are the ignorant one. There are always people trying to take advantage of people with money, no matter what their race is. I’m not saying that he is guilty or innocent and the only people that truly know are him, these women, and God. So don’t turn this into a black vs white thing. And really? Bringing Ebola into a commentation regarding Bill Cosby??? Smh. The article says that’s his net worth and power would anger any white man. So untrue. Not everyone is a racist, like Zodiac Wve. I like Bill Cosby and look up to those who are extremely successful and have done things to help the world, no matter the color of their skin. And I know many other WHITE people who feel the same. So get a grip. You sound ridiculous.

  124. Daniel…it’s statute. Just sayin

  125. There were actually 2 black women who came forward. One was a model, (saw her this morning on the news) I believe she said she was a teen at the time. She is very fair so some may have missed that she is black. One said she fought him off but the woman on the news this morning said she was drugged and passed out after he offered her something.

  126. We have seen that responses like this are at times a little too late. I have felt from the beginning, Mr. Cosby deserves his day in court, if it ever gets there. It has been rather humiliating to hear again another black person persecuted. I hope that we get it right, and the Cosby’s and the larger community can put this behind us.

  127. I feel the same way…he could of had any woman..I am sure there were many who made themselves available or tried to!!!!!

  128. In the many days that this story has aired, and comments made. I find this story interesting .Could there be denial and disillusionment and cracks in a persons Makeup Public and privet ? Experience tells me, Yes. People are not always what we see and hear. That is a fact of life. AN open mind would view this story and many of the comments as Narrow mindedness’ based on contempt Pryor to investigation. After 32 years of dealing and being part of helping people recovery from Abuse of all kinds. there perpetrators and victims 17 woman coming forward is not a shocker to me… Just as the Narrative Anonymous and her story has made. Reading the post above there are some real good points of view and some just plan head scratchers .When it comes to Race I would be one of the first to call a Bigot and Racist out no mater what color they may be. Yes I said no matter what color they may be, There is many forms of Bigotry and racism and it is most spread by people who have the same defect of character flaw Contempt Pryor To Investigation.

  129. Good write up. Thumbs up.

  130. I appreciate when people expose facts so I have a few…
    1. We are human
    2. Your body of work or charitable contributions aren’t indicative of innocence
    3. Knowing of a wrongdoing and saying/doing nothing makes you just as guilty as the one’s committing the wrongful act
    4. Rapist and offenders usually have a “type”, so the lack of victims of color proves nothing

  131. Thank you, that’s what i feeling. And why is it all white women, not one black? White women don’t need to work hard to get a come up but black women do, understand ?

  132. Exactly

  133. Well said and all true – just looking could get you killed – no way you’d get away with rape

  134. Bill Cosby DID NOT rape any of these horrid women! I hate to even call them women because they are disgusting! Bill Cosby could have had ANY women for free no way in hell would he pay or drug any low life wanna be actress/model to sleep with him!

  135. Ben, you got that right. It was unbelievable that he supposedly ‘raped’ all these white women and they were reluctant to come forward when all a white person had to do was say a black man did it, regardless of what it was, and is pretty much the same situation today. I recalled Susan Smith who in 1994 drowned her 2 young sons and said a black man kidnapped them as she knew it would be readily believable. I was shocked that some black man didn’t go to prison or get killed by police for that. Though her story eventually caved in, it was not before many black men were detained.

  136. learn the law regarding the Statues of Limatations before u try and school us of the law. Many factors can over turn statues of Limatations such as PTSD SURPRESSED MEMORIES OF THE ABUSE Which would start the statues over again. I hope that these victims get a very smart attorney because abuse of power rape child abuse , it all follows the victims for the rest of their lives. PTSD ruins a persons life who has suffered abuse of power that invokes rape or molestation. I wish that the statues would be taken out of each state for sexual assault rape and child abuse. There should be no statue to let the perps get off in one state but not the state next door. We the people need to ban together and change this once and for all ,every victim should have the right to take their case to court when they feel ready to do so. People do not understand how hard the process of healing works and how long it takes just to come forward. No perp should get off because of a statue. I’m sick of perps walking our streets just to keep hurting more humans.

  137. If a person submits to being sexually involved with a person by choice to further a career, do you know what that career is called?

  138. If these women were raped why in the world would they come back and continue to work with him and be raped again, as some claim repeated rapes by Ms Cosby

  139. Ben well said you actually said everything that was on my mind and I feel as always people don’t want to see others move ahead or forward esp. if you are a person of color. Look at what they are doing to President Obama. History has shown us that when people of color move up the echelon of life we become a threat .to me that is a form of in security. I support Mr. Cosby he is innocent until proven guilty, I do believe he is being set up and i do believe it is by a powerful person. The stories i am hearing don’t all add up. and as we all know like the model said money is he root of all evil. I saw where Raven Symone aid leave her name out of it she had nothing but respect for Mr. Cosby and has never done anything to her ever. All teh good this man has done for everybody of all race and color and children and adults alike and this is how he is re paid…..SMH

  140. Community, I respectfully disagree with your (and the gentleman on the video) definition of racism. An Ism is a belief :rac·ism
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    “a program to combat racism”. Discrimination is the act (ation=action). Anyone can believe what ever they wish, but it takes power (economic or social) to act on that belief. In other words, Black people can be racist, but many of us lack the power to be discriminatory.

  141. see this is what i mean kim how can a man who’s in the spotlight so much and has too many people around him an with being so dam busy finds time to drug and rape all these women without someone finding out or the women he rape fine out about each other?? who the hell would knowingly go to a guy who drugs and rape them yet comes back for more? i also wouldn’t see the point of him keep drugging them if they keep coming back.
    i don’t know if some are telling the truth or not but some of their stories doesn’t seems to make sense to me

  142. i don’t know if all or some of it is true but i got to know if someone did something like this to you would you keep going back? would you keep working with them? smile in their face? there are lots of women who’s being rape and even to this day most of them can’t look their rapist in their face or be in the same room with them without the disgust you feel show on your face or body reaction no matter how good of and actor you think you are. please tell me what 15 year old don’t know wrong from right to know if this happen to them they should speck up? how can you say you tell friends but never your husband, mother or child if you can tell your friends all that you sure as hell can tell your own family… also i never new under age kids could fly without parents or guardian? see these are things that people need to think about because some of these stories doesn’t make any sense, when micheal jackson was put threw all this why they didn’t step forward then or that willy wonker actor as well?? they wait this long? something smells fishy here. don’t get me wrong am not on anyone side but some of their stories don’t add up one of their stories was she wake up after being drug in a shirt and her underwear so her first thought was he rape her after he drug her seriously? rape victims can tell you EVEY details even if their drugged or not cause that is something that played over and over in your head its something that doesn’t go away if that had happen to you your first thought would be what the hell happen? why between my legs is sore? why i can’t remember? the next step would be i need to find out what happen or talk to someone none of that was in their story what make me pissed off is their dumb ass says he drug them and rape them yet they keep going back someone please tell me how a man who’s in the spot light and have so much people around him finds time to drug and rape so many women? this is like the story the boy who cried wolf only its women who’s messing up a mans life and putting other women to shame cause they really are women out there that gets rape and with these women wolf cry they would never speak out or bring proof cause people wont take it serious and say its fake. let the evidence speak they know you need proof after all these year they better have evidence and their smart enough to know you need proof or something to back it up.

  143. White people loved Bill Cosby! Can’t say it to many time times White people loved Bill Cosby!

    He’s the least threatening of possibly all black in film. Why would there be a vast white ring conspiracy against him? Let’s face it folks he’s not Cliff Huxable nor who we thought he was. One anonymous letter does not contradict 17 women who have come out and who have made accusations over the pass 30 years putting their names ans reputations on the line for a crime where the statute of limitations ran out long ago.

  144. White people always say that and at da same time have a history of oppresion written in da blood of the darker peoples of the earth….Black people are waking up…you get over yourself…

  145. Ron race does play a role in these allegations as “Black” men have been portrayed as wanting to rape ‘White’ women from the first day an ‘African Slave’ was taken off the ship.

  146. Cassandra, you asked “and why would someone orchestrate a grand conspiracy to take him down now?” and I am wondering whether read the story or you are just plain dumb. The story narrates the number of big business ventures that Bill Cosby was on the verge of buying and you still ask why they wanted to take him down as if you just arrived America last night. The last great Black they killed with a gun was Martin Luther King Jr. Since then, you white people have been using character assassination to destroy blacks. That is what you white people did to Michael Jackson. You whites are the devils on earth.

    The world is talking about Ebola killing people in Africa but nobody is adding that it is white people who opened a Ebola research laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leone, West Africa that is killing blacks. George Soros and Bill Gates are the main investors behind this laboratory that produced a more virulent strain of the Ebola virus with the hope of finding a vaccine. They could not open the lab in the USA because of the dangers it constituted to the immediate population and so Africa became their choice and now Africans are dying like chickens. You want proof? If there is hell, you will find proof there for sure. Please, stop the carnage on Black people and also shut up when little inconvenient truths are bothering you.

    Bill Cosby was setup; period. Who’s next? Oprah, right? Very soon, some cranky old white men will come forward and claim that Oprah drugged and raped them many light years ago. Shame on you all. All you white people are guilty by association.

  147. Ben, well said! Thank you.

  148. I know some things that might shed light on this New-Old attack on Mr. Cosby. First off I don’t know if Mr. Cosby is innocent or guilty of any of these accusations. I hope he’s innocent. But let’s look at a few things. The first thing is the timing. Mr. Cosby was one of the world’s only black superstars back then. His star was rising quickly. Now do you know what was happening to black people during those times? Not only was Mr. Cosby a superstar but he was very active in the civil rights movement.

    Black men and boys were being lynched for looking at white women. There was a law called “Reckless Eyeballing” that was responsible for hangings, picnics aka pick a n- to burn alive, stabbings and other acts of brutality against us. To be accused of Raping a White Woman was an automatic Death Sentence! No Black Man was safe when it came to those accusations with or without proof. Families, friends, neighbors and even entire towns have suffered because of the words of these ‘decent’ white women. We lost our lives and families. Men like Cosby would march in the streets risking their lives and the lives of their families. They also risked their reputations and means of income. Dr. Cosby knew what would happen to a black man even if a rumor was whispered against him about white women. He like many of our leaders were too smart for that trap.

    Cosby made the ultimate mistake of raising enough money to buy the network that his show previously rescued. NBC was in financial straits. Cosby led a group of black entrepreneurs that raised the Highest Bid to buy NBC. This bid was turned down for a lot of silly ‘reasons’. Once Cosby and his team attempted to question being rejected the old allegations started to resurface. Others joined in the allegations. This onslaught derailed what would have been a Great Historic Accomplishment and would have given Blacks Equal Power and access in Main Stream Media.

    Fast forward to today. Mr. Cosby has teamed up with the world’s richest and most powerful black men and women to create the ultimate equalizer in the entertainment industry. He and many leaders were creating a black owned worldwide film and media distribution company that would rival the top six studios in the world. This would mean more black movies. It would mean Challenges to Negative Images of Blacks. It would mean More Black Executives. Real money making positions and opportunities where we could legitimately compete in a fair and open market. This company was going to change the game.

    But of course coincidentally or not, a black clown destroyed the life of another black man. My take – the charges are old. Black men have never in history even got away with looking at white women. You think I believe this crap about a black man getting away with all these allegations by white women. Doing tea at his hotel late night in their pajamas? Some who continued to see him after their alleged first encounter ?

    You can believe what ever you want but the Scottsboro Boys, Emitt Till, the Central Park 5 and all the countless list of unknown black men and women keeps me leary. The books are closed. These charges are over and done. Why bring it up now. These charges have yet again raped us of great historic gains.

  149. I thank and praise God that the truth is came and is coming forward about this good heart this good spirit man Bill Cosby. I don’t look at the news much are these talk shows much. But when someone was telling me these allegations against Bill Cosby. I immediately said they are is they are just trying to destroy Bill Cosby life. I knew God would bring forth the truth to the light. God bless, protect and be with this woman who have spoken the truth and stood up for Bill Cosby. God bless Bill Cosby and his family. We should be patronizing Bill Cosby instead of terrorizing him. Look what kind of shows he played on and produced. They are family shows that shows family love and good character. It is time to take a stand for right and one another. I will continue to pray for Bill Cosby.

  150. Did Mr. Cosby RAPE these women? That is the only thing people should be asking. It has nothing to do with race. Get over yourselfs.

  151. Mya, I agree with you… a black man was just release after spending 39 years in jail based on a lie and no evidence. Also, there are allot of political prisoners in jail in America. I have a friend who was accused of a sex crime without evidence and lies.

  152. My name is Mya, I’ve worked for Free Your Mind for 2 years. I had a good friend arrested and charged for rape. He was walking home and had on red sneakers and allegedly the rapist was wearing red sneakers. Any-ooh… it took him 10 years of legal fees, lost jobs, and almost homeless before he was exonerated. The white girl finally admitted she was lying. My friend lost 10 years of his life for an allegation without evidence charge. Just like Cosby. I stayed friends with the guy… I simply didn’t believe the lie.

    For centuries, white women have accused their black lovers of rape… so, to save face. I bet tens of thousands of black men have been lynched over said lie.

  153. Matt, this is the definition of ‘Racism’ a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. Black people don’t have or own a government run system of racism. Racism is about economics and oppression. Black people don’t oppress anyone.

  154. Um…no. Racism is just discriminating against a person based on their race. Has nothing to do with economic control. What you’re referring to is more of institutional racism. Not sure if I can take this story seriously when you make claims like “blacks can’t be racist.” Bullshit.

  155. Wrong, it’s simply because you’re trying to make sense of allegations coming back again. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true, and conversely it also means it’s not untrue either. Simply… it’s not proof….its 17 accusations.

    And even though the above article is a possibility it also is not proof.

  156. Ohhh for Bills sake! No wonder they manage to fist us with no lube. Bickering over the word “Racism.” May the spirit of sister Harriet rain hollow tips down on you all who can’t; Free Your Mind and Think! – Racism involves the belief in racial differences, which acts as a justification for non-equal treatment (which some regard as “discrimination”) of members of that race.[14] The term is commonly used negatively and is usually associated with race-based prejudice, violence, dislike, discrimination, or oppression, the term can also have varying and contested definitions. ~I think that covers all aspects.

    Now to the situation at hand. We are allowing the media and public to be judge and jury of our people for allegations that are if even true can’t even be tried in the court of law because the statute of limitations have long passed. The worst part is we are the main culprits. We are so quick to jump on the band wagon and defame our own. Look at Woody Allen and Stephen Collins (child molesters) did you see the amount out condemnation of them, by their own people? NO, and Stephen admitted.

    From jump when I heard the first allegations tied in with NBC deals it took me immediately back to his son’s random killing when he was about to buy NBC. People keep saying; “How can all these women have the same story?” The same way the comedian that ignited this whole frenzy got the story: YOUTube. The people that run this world are wicked and heartless and do not desire anything positive to be aired prime time.

  157. Why, because you believe these accusations, that automatically qualifies gem as being genuine? Please…If he was and is what they’re professing him to be, then what took them so long. Here’s a man, 30 years removed from the apex if his popularity(When he was Mr. Huxtable), and now we’re supposed to believe he’s some predator? Sorry Cassandra, I know Mr. Cosby is a great actor, but nobody’s that good. The pattern is as clear as day. Be a popular and rich black man in America and you’re guaranteed to be a societal victim. Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, even the great Michael Jordan. I’m not surprised by this, not the least bit. NEXT!!!!

  158. Maybe my news channel’s coming in is different, but that is Mostly what I hear!

  159. Okay, let’s say this woman is telling the truth. What does that prove? That someone, in 1982, was trying to take down Bill Cosby. That’s certainly possible. It didn’t work in ’82 though.

    Now will you give the 17 women who put their names to their claims the same trust as you did this woman? And why would someone orchestrate a grand conspiracy to take him down NOW, after the bulk of his work is behind him and he’s perhaps the most loved, least controversial black public figure to white people? Until Hannibal Buress’s comedy bit went viral, the last rape accusation was in EIGHT YEARS AGO. So why now?

    The simplest explanation is that sadly, Dr. Cosby is not who we thought he was.

  160. Historically, black men have been lynched, burned and drowned without the benefit of a trial or evidence because a white woman screamed rape. I’m sorry, but, one needs proof in a court of law in 2014! Thank goodness Bill doesn’t live in the backwaters of Kentucky…

    Yes, 100,000 thousand women can say he rapped her after dinner while his wife put the kids to bed… but, one must have evidence. Just ask Judge Judy. Jim Crow days are long gone. Actually, no, Jim Crow is live an well.

  161. So you’re willing to believe one anonymous woman over 17 NAMED women over 30 a year period, who didn’t know each other and are telling stories with shockingly similar details? Testimony is considered evidence, so the evidence we have is one anonymous woman’s testimony over 17 named women and you believe the one with the story you like???

    You are deeply in denial. I’m upset and disappointed about all of these allegations because I used to love Bill Cosby and he has done very important work for the black community. But 17 women who have nothing to gain are supposedly lying? Do you see how rape victims are treated by the public? That’s why so many women don’t come forward. All of this makes me sickened and disappointed in Bill Cosby. He wasn’t who I thought he was. But the fact that many people are hurt and disappointed doesn’t mean we should attack victims of sexual assault.

  162. Tony Williams is Bill Cosbys friend of 60 years. “Legendary saxophonist Tony Williams defends Bill Cosby and says his accusers are just after his money – after ANOTHER woman claims he raped her.”

  163. Kathie Lee Giford “I personally never saw him treat a woman the way it’s been alleged, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen – I never saw it.”

  164. Article wrote: “I’m 100% convinced that all the women coming forward have been paid off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why?”

    Because getting celebrity’s to settle frivolous allegations has become a for-profit industry.

  165. If this woman truly experienced this, then she should come forth publicly and say this. Hiding by anonymity only further muddles the situation, which to me doesn’t bring justice but actually protects a possible rapist. If you have proof that Cosby didn’t do it, even if anecdotal, then step into the light and present it…

  166. I am with this person all the way with Bill Cosby but when it comes to the whole black statistic I’m not. Bc when something happens to a white person by a black person we never ever hear about it. There was a white female who got beat to death over a dumb brand new bmx bike by three black males; there was a white cop murdered by a black guy. You don’t ever hear about white people being the victims. I’m not racist by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I have several black friends, one even being my bff and a couple Goddaugthers that are of black skin. But I don’t think this situation is about a color thing either. But I haven’t believed for one moment that Bill Cosby was this monster those females are trying to make him out to be! I only got to meet him for a few brief moments but he was fantastic. He wants to come out with a real show that’s actually fit for kids to see and family oriented and writers of todays trash don’t want that to happen!!

  167. Cosby spoke out and told the truth about the situations in America with the racist hate-mongers and the laziness of the people professing to be victims of white suppression. He has told them to stop being victims, pull up their pants, and contribute to society. Apparently the “powers that be” decided to try to hush him up, but Bill, we heard you and stand by you.
    I believe the people behind this are the race baiters like Sharpton and Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Jackson, and the minions behind them.
    Mr. Cosby, you spoke the truth for years, and were a fine example to the millions of people you made laugh, and became a role model to millions more.
    To Hell with them.

  168. I’m one of Bill Cosby’s assistants. I’ve worked with him for a long long time and I would know if Bill was hurting anyone… I go everywhere with him. He is the kindest and most respectful man I know. Keep in mind, there is millions negative post about Oprah and most stars… it’s simply the life of a superstar.

  169. I worked with @BillCosby in ’86 when I was 19. We were alone together many times. He was a perfect gentleman & became a mentor to me. Stacey Dash

  170. It’s funny how people believe in 13 women who have no evidence? No wonder so many innocent black men are in jail. It is estimated that 25% of people in jail are actually innocent.

  171. That is great news sir/madam. Always good to have an advocate to defend a great cause.
    These type conspirators are horrible, deplorable even. Stricken power of the minority society is to overrated and highly outdated. CAN YALL PLEASE STOP THE HATTEN! Furthermore;
    how about shedding some light on what may have really happened to the anointed man of God, wife, and a host of constituents killed in airplane crash; one Dr Myles Munroe, an awesome leader raising like minds to assertiveness. Just simply appalled.

  172. I am a Black woman & I believe the allegations against Bill Cosby. I don’t doubt that it is possible that people are trying to set him up. But people aren’t set up with no basis. They are set up using known weaknesses. So one doesn’t necessarily negate the other.

  173. Thank you.
    So many people (white or black or whatever color) are misinformed and argue about what they fail to understand.
    If you don’t undertand racism and white supremacy, you don’t understand anything.

  174. Since you want to bring up slavery here are some facts that you might not know as you only choose to mention Europeans and Whites in your post …now why is that hmmmm. Also I lived in the US and found that yes Black Americans can be racist and think its ok to be that way because of what happened in the past.

  175. Michael Jackson the same way!!!

  176. A woman whose career and success depend on acquiescence to the desires of a powerful man, that’s who. Fear and loss are very strong motivators. Ask any abused woman.

  177. It is frustrating to join a conversation where people are relying on their own personal definitions and not the actual meaning of the words they use. We cannot make racism be what we want it to be. It’s a very specific term, and given its definition, the oppressed cannot be racist.

  178. Dear all who are making comments:

    To those of you who are relying on Google definitions, which are about as general as they can get, your definitions are insufficient. Please do not act as though you are an expert on social issues when you have only basic knowledge. I am not intending to insult any of you; I just think we need to know what we are talking about before we blab it to the world. Many of these comments have been relevant, accurate, and interesting. However, many of them seem to be driven by anger and lack of pertinent knowledge. Please stop. If you really want to understand half of what you are talking about, read some actual books discussing discrimination and the “isms” (i.e. racism, sexism, ageism, etc.) or take a course on the topic. Do not, however, be so incompetent as to downplay an issue that you have no clue about.

    To those of you who do know what your talking about (which does not include anyone who has said racism has nothing to do with power or anyone who has felt the need to make their argument in all caps.), thank you. Thank you for actually making sense and using valid arguments, rather than screaming into a computer via CAPS lock like a 12 year old.

    I have no idea whether or not the story in this post is true. I am just disturbed by the loose use of terminology and concepts. Please educate before you iterate.

  179. Thank you. Frequently, words in common use have more specific meanings than we know. Education is a good thing.

  180. When will women period start coming forward and talk about the sex abuse they had to endure in the film industry from white men. Its been going on forever has destroyed relationships and marriages because these guys could not leave these women alone. Lets not even go into the corporate world and worse yet what was done to African-American domestics over the last two hundred years.

  181. Black people can be racist, but since we own and control so little, our racism does not affect Whites in the same way as the reverse can affect Blacks.

  182. Thank you Zina, we tried to encourage her to come forward, but, she knows the media and the people behind the 13 women will come after her and her family. This model thinks CNN or a wealthy group is behind this lynching.

  183. If this is true, it would be nice if the model came forth instead of being anonymous and share this story on other mainstream sites. Because right now, Cosby is being butchered. Credibility should be given to this website for posting this story first but it should be distributed so that more people can view it.

  184. Thank you Tina for your kind response. Yes. Mr. Cosby hasn’t been charged with a crime or evidence.

  185. This doesn’t in anyway prove that the allegations against Mr. Cosby are not true. No one including myself, wants to believe the charges. I just remind myself that the lovable Dr. Cliff Huxtable is not accused of anything. Bill Cosby is. That makes me feel less sad about the entire situation.

  186. Racism = the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Who created the stereotypes african people were inferior? Who created scientific racism ? I suggest you read The Invention of the White Race . Racism is white supremacy . As a group black people can say they hate white people . But white people as a group have the power to back up that statement. If you dont believe me . Let black police start killing unarmed white youth , see how they respond. Then to say racism has nothing to do with economic control is the most ignorant thing I have heard a black person say. Please read the book The Fall of the House of Dixie. Slavery helped create capitalism . Have you not read the book Capitalism and Slavery? The Civil War was about preserving slavery and the wealth obtained from it. All you have to do is read the documents. Blacks can be prejudiced but do not have the power in this system to practice white supremacy/racism . Only people from Europe have tried to subjagate , murder , steal , rob , rape and destroy every group of people they encountered on this earth.

  187. this man changed the meaning of racism to fit his need, if you look at its definition you will see it has nothing to do with controlling anyone. I thought you did fact checking? Are adults racist to children because they have economic control over them?

  188. Lol, what… “Can we be bigoted? Yes. Can we be prejudice? Yes. Can we be racist? No.” Wrong. Racism is a form of prejudice, a form of bigotry. It has NOTHING to do with economics or control of an ethnic group. That’s an absurd notion. You don’t get to redefine words just to suit your agenda. That’s not how the world works. Take note of the comments made on the video.

    When you say blacks cannot be racist, that in itself is racist. Dyson is not an authority on the subject by any means, nor does he speak for our communities.

    You have to rid yourself of this belief! It’s counter-productive! It PERPERTUATES the very hate-mongering we all seek to rid the world of!

    Dr. King Jr. would shake his head in disappointment if he were alive today to see where we have ended up.

    I’m with you, Kyron! Peace, love and community! We has human beings need to put an end to this disease. Could you imagine a world where racism had never come to be? Could you imagine a world where we are not lumped into blacks, whites, hispanics and asians, but rather, our actual freaking nationality?! Humanity has to put all forces on the front lines against hate, and we have to do it now. Think of our children, our children’s children, and what we’re leaving behind for them.

    What do you want for our world “Community”? Do you want to perpetuate the same hatred that has brought us as a human element down for such a long fucking time? We all hate the KKK, why lower ourselves to them? RISE ABOVE IT.

  189. Foster, black people can’t be racist. Please listen to this short video:

  190. (sigh) Firstly, there is only one race, and the concept of “race” is a construct to divide people. PEOPLE. Secondly, any and every person cannot be racist. Your statement shows ignorance and a lack of awareness on how racism, aka the global system of white supremacy, really operates.

  191. You can’t be serious, black people can’t be racist. Please listen to this short video:

  192. Mew, we didn’t edit the models words… her views is how she sees the wold.

  193. Kyron, black people can’t be racist. Please listen to this short video:

  194. Mike, black people can’t be racist. Please listen to this short video:

  195. “This is why racism exists because people fight hate WITH hate. African Americans are very guilty of racism also.”
    And, just like that, your argument is rendered irrelevant. Racism, practiced by whites against people of colour was/is a reaction to existing hate? Please explain that comment, as it makes absolutely no sense. (Blacks) are guilty of racism? Do tell. Are you even familiar with what the definition of racism is?

  196. Knock it off. Any sane, intelligent person knows any and every person of any and every race can be racist. But I would like to hear your experiences as a victim of racism.

  197. Perhaps she should go on national TV and tell her story. The scoundrels in show business is so repulsive its insanity to think old, un-proven allegations from THIRTY years ago can create a media feeding frenzy. Ask any psychiatrist or psychologist and they will tell you is TIME is the enemy of memory, because with time you can RESHAPE any occurrence to fit your current mindset. You can convince yourself of ANYTHING. I say tell the accusers to get the fuck off CNN, go and go to court. All men are innocent until proven guilty.

  198. Money and the American Dream!!!

    Many will cross into the valley of bones, grey and death to reach the bright light shining of the other side. Their main error is that this bright light is only a perception, not real at all. Too late though they would have sold their souls to ‘Death’ and sacrifice others on their journey.

    If you are innocent on so many counts Mr Cosby, whether dead alive, Karma will pay each woman a visit. And Karma is ‘BITCH’

  199. What do you mean blacks can’t be racist? Black people are the most racist people I know. For one, many of them hate themselves so much that they try to mimic white by doing all sort of foolery to their appearance. Then they call and refer to each other in racist derogatory manners (nigga, nigger whatever) then when things don’t go they way economically they blame white people! There’s no excuse for ignorance and living in America is as best as it gets. If you don’t like it here take your whining ass somewhere else and see if you like it any better! Other than that stop holding yourself back mentally and make a difference. Peace!

  200. I totally agree, and couldn’t have said it any better myself! Btw I’m black too, there’s no excuse for ignorance.

  201. Who will protect the innocent, it can be me or you. The poor is guilty and the rich could be guilty. Let protect the innocent from the guilty. Bill a man of power, most of his victims were or was in the entertainment industry in their earlier years. In this industry people offer all kind of things when they are star stroked and men or women sometime take advantage of this. I have been in situation where a woman sleep with me before i could get to her girl friend. I am no casting an innocent or guilt but in bill case if he would have slept with these women and say yes to his no to satisfy their curiosity one have to know that a star know he or she is been use. Under normal circumstances they wouldn’t have stop with bill. the worst thing is when a women get used by a star, it can be devastated and vindictive leaving them waiting to get even. What was their intention originally that’s the factor.

  202. This was an interesting read but there are plenty of wealthy and powerful people of color.
    It’s not as though Cosby is/was the only person who can make change in the world and was therefore a threat.
    It would be nice if the statistics presented were backed up so they can communicate a less instigative and inflammatory tone.
    This is certainly left me with more questions.

  203. FYM… really…? Really?! Blacks can’t be racist?! I’m black and you’re out of your fuckin’ gourd. You don’t get to re-define words to suit your own whack-job agenda. Racism has NOTHING to do with economic control. Holy shit, the fact that you even said that is a good indicator of your integrity. All races are capable of racism. ALL. If you believe otherwise you are fucking diluted. Shame. On. You.

    Blacks can’t be racist.. just.. wow. The stupid is overwhelming. It’s shit like this that makes it harder for us to progress.

    As an American of colour, I am disgusted by this. Freeyourmindandthink.. more like fillyourmindwithrubbish. I’m guessing you’re also a conspiracy theorist.

  204. Tons of young actresses have worked with Bill Cosby and they said he was respectful and wonderful.

  205. I don’t see it? Cosby had five kids, a well educated wife and all he did was wholesome shows? He seemed way to busy to be raping tons of women. Plus, I just don’t believe not one woman went to the police? If just one woman sued him she would had become an instant millionaire? I don’t buy it. Even Monica kept Bill Clinton’s sperm.

  206. I think Cosby hit on many women, made many promises, didn’t keep those promises and walked away. Keep in mind, many of the woman came back for more… Who get’s dug-ed and raped and comes back for more?

  207. This story makes sense… I can see someone walking away from $15,000, I would. I do think more women would had taken the money. Today, you can find 1000 women who will destroy another person for a few dollars. Just look at judge Judy.

  208. Commonsense, What a contradiction to yourself. You suggest America is as it is because we fight hate with hate, yet you tell someone to go somewhere and die. In actuality, it’s individuals like yourself that make America as it is today- one big contridiction made up if many.

  209. RESPONSE FROM FYM COMMUNITY: Blacks can’t be racist. Racism means you have economic control over another group of people. The content of the letter wasn’t edited or censored by FYM. Thank you for your thoughts. Please listen to this short video:

  210. Wow seriously ? This is just as bad as the news outlets jumping to conclusions. Saying this is all the white mans fault and anything bad that happens to any successful black person is obviously the evil white man setting him up is absurd.

    Your stats of murdering an unarmed black man every 28 hours is a HUGE lie that has been busted wide open. what started as an interesting story turned into blatant racism.

    This is why racism exists because people fight hate WITH hate. African Americans are very guilty of racism also.

    This story is complete bullshit without any names involved and is obviously motivated by RACE and RACE only.

    Please go and die your not helping the world get any better.

    RESPONSE FROM FYM COMMUNITY: Blacks can’t be racist. Racism means you have economic control over another group of people. The content of the letter wasn’t edited or censored by FYM. Thank you for your thoughts.

  211. This is another form of subliminal indoctrination and suppression. To suppress a group you have to instill beliefs that maintain the slave mind set. This is why Hitler killed all the intellectuals and leaders first. Every time an injustice happens against person of color the media and government blames the victim and protestors.

  212. KKK is behind all things bad.

  213. Wow, this is dynamite. The Huffington Post news desk is going to contact you. I have friends there who will get this on page one.

  214. Bill Cosby empowers people of color… it makes sense that our government wants him gone and disgraced. Kelly

  215. People are set up everyday… it makes money and instant fame. It’s sad that our media facilitates lies. Ben

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